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Detergent production vendors would take you know washing cosmetics

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 washing powder production equipment manufacturers take you know class cosmetics washing liquid washing cosmetics including shampoo, bath liquid and cleansing products. The basic requirements for liquid washing cosmetics is must have the decontamination and bubble ability, and have certain nursing ( Skin and hair care) Ability. A, washing decontamination effect of washing decontamination effect, is the result of the surfactant reduces the surface tension of the wetting, osmosis, emulsification, dispersion and solubilization effect of comprehensive results. First, surface active agent contact with dirt, first fully wetting and penetration into the dirt, the surfactant solution into the dirt, the dirt out of the vehicle into the solution, the surfactant to emulsify solubilization of dirt into the solution, stable dispersed in the solution, rinsed repeatedly and reach the effect of washing by water. Detergency stronger surfactants are anionic surfactant and non-ionic surfactant, detergency of amphoteric surfactants with moderate intensity. Second, the foaming effect while the bubble is not direct contact with decontamination, but because of the traditional consumption concept, people have to shampoo, bath liquid and cleaning products and bubble closely relates in together, in cosmetics advertisements often appear some adjectives describe bubble, such as' rich bubble, 'exquisite foam, etc. , so there is no abundant foam shampoo and bath is impossible to sales success. Bubble, of course, also have certain function and lubrication with the dirt, to improve the liquid washing class cosmetics washing effect is helpful. In general, the bubble in the role of cosmetics is largely psychological factors play a role, the bubble will not increase the capacity of cosmetics to the tissue, but can add the use function of cosmetics, use more convenient and easy. Three, nursing role liquid washing cosmetics, unlike other detergent, is to wash the class cosmetics out liquid washing decontamination, also should have certain nursing effect. Excessive decontamination can make the hair and skin dry, so the liquid washing class should add some regulate additive in cosmetics, already achieved the effect of hair and skin. A: ( Professional detergent formulation) Where can I learn new detergent formulation technology! ! !
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