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Detergent production machine performance is introduced

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 as auto consumption market in recent years, the rapid growth of car gradually into the family, become a kind of consumer goods. According to statistics, at present our country private car ownership has topped 1 million, still rapid growth, such a large market for automobile maintenance and maintenance and so on the development of service industry have laid a solid foundation. Detergent production equipment for the development of the auto market will usher in explosive growth, the detergent production equipment manufacturer to make a brief introduction of the detergent production equipment and its performance. First to know about the detergent, detergent, also known as the coolant is indispensable to automobile engine water tank in a liquid. Detergent for two years will need to replace a replacement cycle, to ensure that the water tank clean, no rust, no impurities. Can anticorrosive and prevent scale effect, if use the bad quality of detergents, when there is a leak or the water temperature is high, the metal components of the engine has been damaged, corrosion is very serious. Many different kinds of detergent, such as calcium chloride, methanol, ethanol, The common name for alcohol) And glycol, and so on. General detergent into the with and without type detergent type detergent, with type detergent with traditional without incomparable performance excellence model products. First of all, have added a variety of models products have models additives, does not contain harmful to the environment and the human body of silicon, phosphorus, chlorine and molybdenum acid salt, nitrite and amine salt. Second, there are models products not only have excellent antifreeze performance, also have strong resistance to boiling, boiling point may achieve above 110 degrees Celsius ( Without the boiling point of model products are generally above 106 degrees c) , thermal conductivity and thermal product is much more superior than no models. So, detergent equipment should have what kind of performance, mainly reflected in the following: 1, the freezing point and low solidifying point, when the car in the cold region in winter outdoor parking ground temperatures dropped to - sometimes at night Below 40 ℃. To keep the water tank and cooling system pipe from frost crack, detergent equipment shall not freeze or solidification under this temperature, lest produce volume expansion, at the same time ensure ready to start the car, put into use. 2, higher specific heat, thermal conductivity, good detergent mainly used to cool the engine parts, lest produce heat, so its specific heat. The specific heat of water is 4. 18·焦每千克 Specific heat is 2 ℃, and ethylene glycol. 72 j /公斤· ℃. Under the same circulation, water away from the engine more heat than glycol away, so is ideal coolant water. 3, in use to keep certain PH, the PH value can not only ensure the detergent to minimize the extent of corrosion of metal, and can prevent scour deterioration. A: detergent market consumer demand analysis
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