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【 Detergent production machine 】 Detergent can really wash the car?

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
A lot of friends all listen to wash the car for the one who said detergent is alkaline detergent, use detergent washing the car, strong alkaline detergent will rot the rubber of the auto protection article, make it lose its luster and elasticity, even cracks, really have so horrible? Detergent can really wash the car? Here, look at the detergent production factory house to claim! Detergent production factory house that: detergent designed mainly for tableware, fruit and vegetables, etc, also can clean the kitchen a few appliances, clothes, etc. The main production components in detergent sodium sulfonate, fatty alcohol ether sodium sulfate, foaming agent, etc. , belong to product of alkaline, use for a long time will hurt the hand, such as causing hand desquamate phenomenon. We know alkaline substance can react with other substances to cars, too, long-term effects in the paint, the article alkaline will rot the rubber of the body so that the aging or rupture, and paint are also susceptible to damage, the car itself will also lose their original luster even appear the phenomenon of the white. So the use of washing powder and detergent washing is appropriate. Detergent production factory house, in an article: only do this, because to have effect!
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