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Detergent production factory house store of washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Detergent powder making machine automatic add urea solution, liquid detergent production factory house urea storage, we need to pay attention to the quality and use condition, liquid detergent formula soap powder detergent liquid storage tanks usually 30 liters - between main 100 litres, liquid detergent production factory and we also need to pay attention to the temperature, packaging and storage problem. In general, to avoid packing material car pollution caused by the pollution of the urea solution, and then the SCR cause adverse effect, liquid detergent formula in our storage and material should be used in the car of the urea solution urea car has good compatibility, must be to ensure that containers and chemical reaction solution does not attack, should not happen impurity migration, so suggest you use our car with urea producers meet ISO22241 - 3 the recommended to store the material. Then need to pay attention to the temperature problem in the shop, direct sunlight can cause a long period of time, the liquid detergent production factory house car overheated urea decomposition of urea solution, washing powder making machine and under the temperature of 25 degrees above or water branch, thus triggering the urea solution, vehicle modification, so in the storage temperature should be higher than 25 ° c, and pay attention to avoid the light. In addition, we need to know what is the volume of the urea solution condensation around 7% after more than a liquid, so if the environment of high temperature urea solution for car storage should have enough space in the package. And we know the washing powder SCR system of four heavy trucks, the important part of its four executive: what are the requirements for storage? Whether demanding container? What are sensitive to temperature change function? Urea has special requirements for storage materials and its basic characteristics of vehicles, and vehicle and shelf life of urea solution will vary with temperature. Urea is alkaline, corrosion of copper, cast iron, cast aluminum solder is very big. Liquid detergent production factory house as a water soluble urea crystallization is 11 point, some pumping pipe need insulation and temperature should not be too big, easy to cause the urea decomposition. The temperature of the vehicle and urea under different temperature is life longer shelf life? Usually we know the car, washing powder making machine use, as shown in the urea storage must be stored between 5 and 25 degrees. Different its shelf life and storage temperature is not the same when the temperature beyond 35 degrees, use the cars must be tested before use. Liquid detergent formulation for vehicle urea solution, the international industry experts in some test's impact on the environment. Stability test is only a small amount of free ammonia, but 100 hours at 70 ℃ hot, 50 ℃ storage stability and found that the content of free ammonia beyond zero. 2% of the standard, the maximum and 1 350 hours of free ammonia. 4%. So storage temperature should be about 50 ℃ in urea solution, hydrolysis temperature and is easy to impact indicators. B field disposal experiment canned, cleaning, overflow, and etc. , liquid detergent production factory house motivation test ( - 4 to 8 degrees Celsius) And summer ( The above 32 degrees Celsius) C the compatibility of other materials; Concrete, metal, plastic container, sealed with urea solution and compatibility of concrete without any compatibility polysulfide sealing experiment concluded there is compatibility with plastic. Detergent powder making machine D fuel emulsification test, and the urea of separation. Separation from fuel emulsion with urea, ignites brand, can not mix. Detergent production factory house, the previous: auto laundry detergent manufacturing industry analysis
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