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Detergent market potential

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
To alleviate the pollution caused by automobile exhaust to atmosphere environment, our country is now in the implementation of the five emission standards. Over the five standards gradually implement, urea the traditional chemical products is expected to coruscate gives new vitality - — Detergent became the focus of the industry. Detergent potential according to five standards of environmental protection countries of the requirement for implementation of the announcement, since January 1, 2018, all across the country, the manufacture, import, sales, and registration of light diesel vehicles, must conform to the requirements of the five standards. Compared with the four standards, the five standards for diesel nitrous oxide ( NOx) Emission limits strictly by 28%, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides ( HC+NOx) Combined index strictly by 23%, and for diesel particulate matter concentrations ( PM) Limit of 82%, and also a new particle particle number ( PN) Detection. In this case, the detergent as a kind of diesel exhaust processing products, gradually into the public eye. Good time scour so-called detergent, is refers to the urea concentration is 32. 5% urea aqueous and solvent for ultrapure water, the raw material for urea crystal and ultrapure water. According to understand, heavy truck, passenger car diesel vehicles to achieve the five emissions standards, such as on the tail gas treatment to choose appropriate selective catalytic reduction ( 可控硅) System. And the system, must rely on urea solution to deal with nox in the exhaust gas, use of urea solution in engine exhaust gas gasification to produce ammonia, selective catalytic reduction of reductant as diesel motor vehicle exhaust, so that the tail gas of nitrogen oxides into harmless water vapor and nitrogen, reduce emissions. Detergent, therefore, can be said to be heavy duty trucks, buses and other necessary for diesel vehicles to achieve the five emissions standards. For diesel exhaust emissions meet the five standards, the consumption of detergent for diesel consumption of about 4% ~ 6%. In 2015, our country diesel apparent consumption of 1. 700 million tons, with 5% of the value computation, detergent demand for 8. 5 million tons. As the world's second largest car market, China's heavy truck has for more than 2300 cars, the five standards of heavy truck sales each year to 700000 units, each heavy trucks use detergent 2 tons a year, in the future detergent rising market demand will be explosive. Market capacity regulation from the national policy guidance, detergent market potential is tremendous. But how much this specific market, but also on the five emissions standards after the implementation of supervision. At present, the five car widely used motor vehicle on-board automatic diagnosis system ( OBD) Emissions, real-time monitoring. When the diesel un-raised detergent, OBD system will immediately issued a warning. As local consists car out process is accelerated, detergent market capacity will further increase. At present, the domestic detergent production enterprises are spotty, and some technology does not pass, the product quality the good and bad are intermingled. Making detergent crystallization occurs on use, deposition, and other issues. In this case, the user of detergent products can produce distrust, also excluded from the formal enterprises. This is one of the biggest problems current detergent industry. Supply is key insiders agree that the channel is the key to the detergent sales. The five standards to promote smoothly, still need to overcome an obstacle, namely urea filling station construction and popularization. At present, there are fixed at bus refueling point, to build form a complete set of urea filling station is relatively easy. But in view of the more widely distributed, run more dispersed trucks, urea filling station is facing problems to construction. And if you can't very well filling station popularization construction, truck users to refill the urea is difficult to achieve. At present, can LanSuZheng and multilateral cooperation in filling the country more construction sites, solve user filling difficult problem.
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