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Detergent bad reason, you understand

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
In the daily production, life, detergent metamorphic usually can do simple judgment from its appearance. Appearance is clear and transparent, color is uniform. As a product turbidity, stratification, precipitation, the phenomenon such as color change color means the detergent has been bad, cannot use. Professional detergent production machine manufacturers there detergent bad reason to do a detailed analysis: 1) Water quality is unqualified detergent is 80% 90% of the water to do raw materials to produce liquid washing products, so the stand or fall of water quality is directly related to the quality of the detergent. Excessive foreign matter in the water, the water quality is unqualified causes detergent metamorphism. The solution: use qualified deionized water, deionized water sterilization. Made of reverse osmosis water treatment machine to get qualified to ion, deionized water with water storage tank, storage in the upper water storage tank according to the overload type uv sterilizer, to ensure that the water quality at the same time, have the effect of sterilization. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine are usually made of raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis, purification system, the ultra purification post-processing system of three parts. Reverse osmosis membrane system is one-time to reduce more than 98% of the ions, organic matter in raw water and 100% microorganisms ( In theory) The most economic and efficient purification methods. 2) Using unqualified raw materials production of detergent raw materials commonly used such as sulfonic acid, AES, when buying raw materials to be normal manufacturer production of choose and buy raw materials. Should choose when buying sulfonic acid yellow, clear and transparent acid AES strong consistency is better. Check whether material qualified: can use laboratory mulser, take a small amount of raw materials for small-scale production trials to test. 3) Raw materials mix thoroughly detergent in the bottom of the warranty period appear statified phenomenon or produce precipitation, most because of soluble mixed thoroughly. Add the raw material such as proportion mixing process in the reaction kettle is an important process in the production of detergent, so the detergent production machine structure determines the quality of the product. Detergent production machine adopts the upper high-speed stirring, plasma emulsification, lower installation cycle, no dead Angle of 360 degrees mixing device of emulsion in the production of time can produce high quality products. 4) Simple detergent production machine important formula technology, formulation technology is also very important. Regular cleaning essence of the sulfonic acid, 6501, AES, 5 - such as caustic soda Six simple making machine configuration detergent raw materials, due to low product integrated components, decontamination performance cannot and market brand-name products, really good washing at least 15 - product technical formula 20 kinds of raw materials distribution, only in this way can give full play to the role of each raw material, the formation of fine product performance. The producers need to continue to optimize the structure of formula. 5) Environment of high temperature because the temperature will change the material internal structure, long-term deposit detergent in & gt; 35 degrees high temperature environment, or direct sunlight environment, can let the detergent metamorphism. It is best to produce detergent stored in a cool, dry place at low temperature. Equipped with analysis, testing laboratory, free for the user analysis of similar products physical and chemical indexes and product composition, free of charge for users to deliver finalize the design product testing; Detergent can multi-use of making machine, production of more than 100 kinds of products, provide free detergent technology formula.
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