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Because making machine use matters needing attention

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Laundry detergent making machine use note: 1, voltage 220 v or 380 v, stabilizing is high or low, so as not to damage the motor. Laundry detergent production making machine 2, laundry detergent raw materials cannot be left in the machine, the surface must be cleaned clean, in order to avoid oxidation material is exposed to air attack. 3, the production of different products, need clear water clean the machine wall, in order to prevent affecting each other different products. Want to do laundry detergent processing plant, machinery production factory house supply professional quality of laundry detergent production machine, production of raw materials, detergent production formula, detergent packing and so on a full range of the material as required by the factory and service. Cleaning performance: the Windows were composed of many kinds of surfactants and additives distribution. Surfactants usually has the function such as wetting, penetration, solubilization, which have the effect of washing decontamination. Antifreeze performance: the presence of alcohol, ethylene glycol, can significantly reduce the freezing point of the liquid, not only can have anti-freezing effect but also can quickly dissolve frost. Anti-fog performance: a monomolecular layer of glass surface protective layer. This layer of protective film to avoid the formation of droplets, guarantee the windshield clear transparent, clear vision. Antistatic performance: use net after cleaning the Windows, adsorption on the surface of the glass, the material, can eliminate the charge on the surface of the glass, antistatic performance. Smooth performance: ethylene glycol is contained in the window, viscosity is bigger, can smooth effect, increase the wiper and friction between glass show chrysanthemum brand of laundry detergent, avoid scratches. Net anti-corrosion performance: the window contains a variety of corrosion inhibitor, no corrosion effect for a variety of metals, automotive paint, rubber, relative safety. Detergent production factory house, the previous: the choice of laundry detergent production machine
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