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Because making machine: car maintenance knowledge

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
1, the selection of laundry detergent ( Laundry detergent production machine) Laundry detergent is car windshield cleaning fluid. High quality car wind laundry detergent is mainly composed of water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitor, and a variety of surfactant, average prices in 20 yuan. Generally when buy, need to pay attention to use temperature. Simple said is for the use of the summer, using the environment temperature is 2 ℃ or more. On the basis of the original composition, increased the deinsectization gum composition, more rapidly clear the flying insects gum residue on the glass. The second type antifreezing laundry detergent for use in winter, when the outside temperature below 20 ℃ below zero, will not have iced bad car, can effectively clean can also have the effect of electrostatic absorption. The third kind is the special effects antifreeze, 40 ℃ below zero without freezing, suitable for the northern cold region in China. 2, the selection of the brake fluid ( Laundry detergent production machine) The brake fluid is also called the brake fluid. The brake pressure generally is 10 mpa, if during emergency braking, internal pressure is higher. General characteristics of the liquid is incompressible, in a sealed container or fluid-filled pipeline, when the liquid pressure, can quickly and evenly each part of the liquid pressure conduction. Brake oil prices according to different types and models, the prices in the 40 - 200 yuan between. The brake fluid by DOT ( The U. S. department of transportation) Mandate: Liquid detergent production machine) L the brake fluid based on polyethylene glycol ether: DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5. 1 l based on silicone oil brake fluid DOT5 comments: dry the boiling point is not used and not new brake fluid boiling water; Wet the boiling point is usually refers to the use for a period of time, the brake fluid containing a certain amount of moisture in the boiling point, generally refers to water 3. 5% ( Usually two years) for use The boiling point. The use of the index for measuring and testing the brake fluid limitation and durable effect is very direct, generally if wet boiling point lower than or close to 150 ℃, it is necessary to replace the brake fluid. Note: brake fluid DOT5 shall not with DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5. A mixture of 1. 3, the selection of laundry detergent ( Laundry detergent production machine) By water, antifreeze, laundry detergent additive of three parts, anti-freezing function of the coolant. Can prevent the freezing cold winter parking coolant and burst radiator and freezing the engine cylinder block or cover. The price is in commonly - 20 100 yuan between. Laundry detergent were divided into two kinds of color with red and green, don't be mixed with oh! Because the two kinds of color additives is different. Before entering the winter, laundry detergent can be replaced, replace a cycle time is about 2 years. When add laundry detergent, can't add water, also can not add too full. Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production machine: laundry detergent change the matters needing attention
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