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The wear resistance of horizontal mixer and discharge performance

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Horizontal mixer is introduced: the performance of double shaft mixer mixing principle and mixing process to ensure the most concrete are piling up in between two stirring shaft, makes the stirring arm and wear between the blade and the bottom plate. Practice has proved that in the primary mixing section only 25% of the blade wear phenomenon, in the main mixing zone only slight wear, even no wear and tear, and double shaft mixer lining can be selected according to operating conditions ordinary steel or cast iron. Due to the double shaft mixer in the complete mixing concrete basically be piled up near the discharging door, therefore discharge takes up time is short. Discharging door, controlled by the electric device is can be adjusted, the discharging door won't be stuck when closing. In the process of discharging, the blade rotation at low speed, is helpful to remove residues in concrete mixing barrel body, and can effectively avoid PanShiJi discharge of parabolic phenomenon. Due to the high rotational speed and blade mixing blade rotation of the trajectory, the single horizontal spindle wear mixer with double shaft mixer and wear. Therefore, the use of expensive special steel, the maintenance cost increase. As a result of the limitation of the system structure, the discharging door is difficult to adjust the opening size, for the different ratio of concrete can have great influence on discharge, in addition, the discharging door easy stuck in the closing process, especially in emergency shutdown state, it is easier to appear problem, discharging door sealing ability is poor. Detergent production factory house, the previous: mixing effect: double shaft mixer and single shaft mixer
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