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Teach you five recruit about how to choose high quality laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Full of beautiful things in eyes of laundry detergent varieties, rich variety, so should be how to choose and buy laundry detergent? First of all, the appearance quality of the product to the naked eye look without impurities or hierarchical, and defective goods have concentrated on the thin layer. At the same time, the colour and lustre is good because color stability, placed for a long time also do not change color. Poor dispersion, faded phenomenon. See label should be paid attention to when the choose and buy, should have qualified laundry detergent packaging product name, net weight, product instructions, the site of factory, shelf life etc. In addition, the product logo on the label should be clear, no deinking phenomenon. Secondly, high quality laundry detergent fragrance is pure and lasting. Low quality of laundry detergent, more acidic taste also bring some astringency. At the same time, when the choose and buy to ask more about the history of manufacturing enterprise background, whether professional, such problems as how the brand reputation. Third, the feel of high quality laundry detergent moderate viscosity, ingredients evenly. And poor laundry detergent feel extremely sticky or loose, the bottom sediment is. Of course, can quickly dissolved in water, evenly applied to clothing is qualified laundry detergent, poorly soluble in water or need long time stirring, only the partial cleaning effect is the product quality is not pass. Fourth, do not contain phosphorus, means that the environmental protection and safety. The detergent with phosphorus is not because the clothes in the process of rinsing to remove phosphorus is not easy, for the sake of health, with more and more time to rinse water. Fifth, the clothes look beautiful with fluorescent whitening agent, such as new, but the fluorescent whitening agent just let the clothes look clean, from the optical stain actually exist. At the same time, the use of laundry detergent to clean clothes, then came out of the second year, collar cuff will not yellow. Laundry detergent equipment prices detergent equipment next: you really will use the laundry detergent? A: on the correct use of the laundry and little knowledge of life
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