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Laundry detergent ingredient?

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
The composition of laundry detergent ( Laundry detergent to buy quality goods, otherwise the heat system low efficiency, waste of fuel, even damage the engine) 。 1. Base fluid is currently on the market, some basic is inferior laundry detergent with methanol and ethanol blending, methanol and ethanol while freezing point can also meet the requirements of indicators, but only 80 or so, the boiling point and anti-freeze system normal using temperature is 80 degrees, so bring to this kind of laundry detergent can easily lead to freeze protection system, cannot have heat dissipation effect, also can cause the steam produced the phenomenon such as cavitation, serious impact on the safety of the vehicle. And my company's pure brand of laundry detergent, olay laundry detergent ingredients for ethylene glycol, the boiling point is 108 degrees, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of boiled. 2. Anti-foam agent anti-foam agent because as long as it is in order to eliminate the effect of anti-freeze system introduced by normal breathing air bubbles in the use, make bubbles is looking to ruin the formation of the initial state, make the anti-freeze system better work 3. Stain the role of the role of the stain as long as there are three points: 1, to distinguish the different ratio of laundry detergent, because water and ethylene glycol is a colorless, different ratio of laundry detergent can not distinguish with the naked eye, so by using different pigments, to distinguish them. 2 if use color to calibrate anti-freeze system leakage. 3 can clearly see the tank in the consumption situation of laundry detergent, complement in time. 4. The freezing point of ethylene glycol pure ethylene glycol for freezing - 12. 5 degrees or so, the boiling point of 198 degrees or so, to join its freezing point of water is reduced, when ethylene glycol 70%, its lowest freezing temperature can reach - 68 degrees, also is the turning point. After adding glycol concentration can make laundry detergent freezing point rise instead, and if the laundry detergent concentration is too thin, so will be easy to bring to the boiling point is reduced. The choice of laundry detergent is generally lower than local temperatures of about 10 degrees. Between the concentration of 30% ~ 70%, the lower the freezing point, the more effective constituents, the less easy to corrosion. 5. Inhibitors of washing powder production factory house, the previous: cosmetics and washing products development prospects
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