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How to produce soap?

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Soap, according to the product composition, shape, and purpose is different, can be divided into soap, soap, transparent soap, laundry soap, soap flakes, liquid soap and industrial soap, etc. Soap is used to clean the skin. Requires no stimulus to human skin mildly, and have pleasant lasting fragrance; Soap with antibacterial drugs, for human skin disinfection, cleaning with; Laundry soap to wash clothes; Soap flakes is close to neutral, it does not hurt cloth, used to wash silk, wool fabric; Transparent soap can be used for skin can also be used to clean laundry; While the liquid soap according to different formula and used to clean the skin or object and laundry; Soap is mainly used in textile industry. Soap production is very simple, now a very popular method at present stage are: ( 1) To do with oil: oil obtained by refining, saponification soap base. Such practices oil is the main raw material of soap, soap performance and quality is largely determined by the oil, so the choice of grease is one of the keys to making soap. The FZ - 2000 oil saponification, soap, complete sets of production line, can get fat, from animals and plants by saponification of grease, soap base, after soap dry, add ingredients, layering, cutting, printing, packaging, finally to make soap. ( 2) With intermediate soap mud: through purchase soap grain from giant ( Soap mud) , the FZ - 1000 soap production line, there are three main rod grinding machine, semi-finished conveyor, double helix vacuum pumping machine, vacuum pump, soap, roll printing cutter production units, such as layering, cutting, printing, packaging, finally produce the qualified soap. Soap production principle is very simple, but the colloidal properties of aqueous solution of soap and soap, it's not easy to get pure soap, it's not easy to get pure soap, soap is made of high quality, the requirements on the choice of raw materials, oil refining, saponification, refined, glycerine recycling and so on each link has a definite judgment and monitoring.
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