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Horizontal mixer, horizontal concrete mixer

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Horizontal cylinder body is equipped with biaxial reverse rotating blades, the pulp lobe along the axial and radial Angle will material circulation riling, rapid mixing of material horizontal mixer performance characteristics of the speed reducer drive shaft rotation speed and the blade structure will make the material gravity decreases, with the lack of gravity, the material of particle size, specific grvity differences in mixing process is ignored. Intense mixing motion shortens the time of a mixture of more rapid and more efficient. Despite the proportion, the differences between the particle size of materials, in staggered arrangement of agitating vane under severe churning away quickly, also can achieve very good mixing effect. High mixing uniformity and less residue, detergent packing machine, suitable for two or more fertilizer, mixing of additive premix. Horizontal mixer horizontal concrete mixer materials are fully mixed, thus improve the mixing uniformity; Light body structure of the novel rotor, rotor and the minimum clearance can be adjusted to close to zero, effectively reduce the residual material; Can put larger material crushing, overall structure more reasonable, beautiful appearance, operation and maintenance the installation and maintenance: horizontal concrete mixer with single horizontal spindle and concrete mixer (1) the difference between a double shaft and double shaft and double shaft mixer mixing process not only occurred in the radial direction, and on the axis direction. Laundry detergent packing machine, and the main mixing zone is located in the stir the circumferential direction of the body, in the whole process of mixing, along the direction of energy value maximum, so you can make full use of mixing space, makes the aggregate, cement and water in a mixing blade circumferential velocity is low, s) In the case? In the shortest possible time to achieve the most optimal mixing mode, reverse osmosis water treatment machine, obtain the best mixing effect. Due to the double shaft mixer in the complete mixing concrete basically be piled up near the discharging door, therefore discharge takes up time is short. Controlled by the electric installation discharging door, liquid detergent production machine, is can adjust, discharging door won't be stuck when closing. In the process of discharging, the blade rotation at low speed, is helpful to remove residues in concrete mixing barrel body, and can effectively avoid PanShiJi discharge of parabolic phenomenon. (2) single horizontal-axis concrete mixer laundry detergent production machine horizontal spindle agitator and since the fall of the mixer mixing principle basic similar, washing powder production machine, the stirring shaft ( Leaf blade) The rotation of the role is to increase the concrete to a certain height, and then make its free fall, complete a mixing process. Therefore, single shaft mixer when use, effective work volume than theoretical design volume small, the whole machine height a lot larger than double shaft mixer, in the production of RCC, laundry detergent production machine, single horizontal spindle agitator in the actual production efficiency is lower than the rated production efficiency. As a result of the limitation of the system structure, the discharging door is difficult to adjust the opening size, for the different ratio of concrete can have great influence on discharge, in addition, the discharging door easy stuck in the closing process, especially in emergency shutdown state, it is easier to appear problem, discharging door sealing ability is poor. Laundry detergent production started making machine status, technology is not mature, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, improve the hydropower project forced mixing building, large forced mixer and continuous forced mixer design and manufacturing level, satisfy large hydropower project is high speed, continuous RCC dam, intensive construction requirements, detergent production machine, will be the main development trend of horizontal concrete mixer. Detergent production factory house, the previous: horizontal mixer shaft's influence on the blender
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