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by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Detergent in bulk and bottled, heavily general restaurant or hotel will choose bulk detergent, family use generally buy bottled essence that wash clean, look from the cost analysis, bulk detergent the cost is low, bottled detergent cost is higher. However, bottle cleaning essence of class, suitable for family use, also was welcomed by many people. Small make up today mainly around the bottle detergent series of production, from raw materials preparation to the finished product warehouse. Detergent process generally includes raw material preparation, filling, inspection, corrugated carton, stacking and warehousing six steps. The concrete analysis of each process are as follows. A horizontal mixer, raw material preparation: detergent packing machine this step includes detergent concentrate on preparation and detergent bottles. 1 detergent ready to concentrate. Detergent can concentrate can make myself from local wholesalers or buy second-hand company. Detergent formulation has a lot of, about a dozen, if they concentrate, you need to choose one of the formula, the following is my list of one of the most common detergent formulation and production process. Laundry detergent packing machine detergent raw materials commonly used are: nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether, sodium lauryl sulfate, coconut two glycolic acid acyl amine and dodecyl benzene iodate, sodium hydroxide, sodium dimethyl benzene sulfonic acid, EDTA - 4 naa, sodium chloride, dyestuff, pigment, preservative, sunscreen, citric acid, demineralized water. Concentrate production process: will be put into ingredients demineralized water tank, adding 50% sodium hydroxide, then add dodecyl benzene iodate, stir well, material pH value should be greater than 5, or adding 50% sodium hydroxide, and then joined the rest of the surfactant in 60 degrees or so, mixing, cooling to 43 degrees to join the rest of the material. With dimethyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium and sodium chloride product viscosity adjustment to 150-300 mpa/s, using citric acid pH to 6. 7-7. 5. Add spice, pigment, detergent concentrate. If to opaque products, can add 0. 15% of the sunscreen. Because of the detergent is the most commonly used products, daily life much used in the kitchen to wash the dishes, wash the dishes, so must guarantee the quality and the security of the detergent. In the concentrate production is completed, should concentrate on inspection, to ensure the safety of detergent concentrate on formula. 2 preparation of detergent bottle detergent bottles used plastic bottles, you can order from plastic bottle manufacturer. In addition, should check whether the bottle before filling conform to the requirements of the filling, reduce the incidence of nonconforming product. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine, filling two: liquid detergent production processes JiGuan outfit including plastic bottles into the bottle, drying, filling and cover, tighten the five steps. Washing powder production machine 1 plastic bottles into the bottle into the bottle body can use star wheel or screw for sending device. To test and wash bottles into the machine, by the star wheel or screw for sending device, plastic bottles to a certain interval, a certain velocity, orderly filling into institutions. 2 drying laundry detergent production machine because there are clean the plastic bottles in the packaging stage steps, so should also have water in plastic bottles. Dishwashing detergent is the substance soluble in water, if the detergent directly into the water in the bottle, would dilute detergent concentrate, reduce the quality of the detergent products. Before filling the application dryers, therefore, will the bottle fast drying. 3 detergent are transparent filling viscous liquid, liquidity is poorer, therefore should use pressure filling machine for filling, when the bottle by for agencies to filling machine, bottle by mechanical lifting mechanism in order to increase the height of the according to the structure size of the bottle, wait until the bottle up to a predetermined height, filling valve is opened, the material under the effect of pressure, flow into the plastic bottles, after filling, the filling valve closed, the bottle with the lifting mechanism slowly down, after the fall to the starting position, lifting mechanism to stop working, and the bottle by to send into the next process. Laundry detergent production machine 4 cover and tighten the filler material, after the completion of the bottle to fall by for cover and tighten. The bottle after entering the process, will first for testing, see fall if there is a bottle cap, if there are bottles for cover, otherwise will not fall. Cap to fall after good, by the tight, the caps. Then put the bottle into the next process. Inspection: detergent production machine to fall after the build process, the bottle is sent out by for agency, in the process of to send, random detergent bottles, whether detergent filling volume within the specified range of error. If within the prescribed scope, should to the filling device sends a signal to adjust the size of the filling quantity. Detergent production machine, corrugated carton: laundry detergent can be ordered from corrugated carton manufacturers corrugated carton making machine. When the bottle into the packing place, the workers will before detergent bottles in accordance with the design scheme, namely a case of 24 bottles, bottle packing and sealing on the trailer. Laundry detergent production machine five, stacking and warehousing: laundry detergent making machine will be stacking corrugated carton sealing good, by the trailer or forklift truck into the warehouse. Stack height not too high, constant temperature and humidity in the warehouse. Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production machine and parsing of the project
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