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Detergent production machine to make money? Good business to get rich

by:Meibao     2020-11-01
1970 - 01 - 01 in recent years, rapid growth as the automobile consumption market, the car gradually into every family, become a kind of consumer goods. According to statistics, by 2016, the number of private cars in China has reached 1 million. Such a large market for automobile maintenance and maintenance and other service industry development have laid a solid foundation. Can be predicted that the next 10 years automotive antifreeze production equipment for the development of the auto market will usher in explosive growth in demand, in the face of global warming and climate change, that detergent needs to have the following properties: 1. Freezing point and low solidifying point. When the car in the cold region in winter outdoor parking, at night the temperature dropped to - sometimes Below 40 'C. To keep the water tank and cooling system pipe from frost crack, detergent shall not freeze or solidification under this temperature, lest produce volume expansion, at the same time ensure ready to start the car, put into use. 2, higher specific heat and thermal conductivity. Detergent is mainly used for cooling the engine parts, in order to avoid overheating occurs, so its specific heat. The specific heat of water is 4. 18·焦每千克 C, and the specific heat of ethylene glycol is 2. 72 j / kg· ℃. Under the same circulation, water away from the engine more heat than glycol away, so is ideal coolant water. 3, in use to keep a certain PH PH value in the range must be guaranteed detergent to minimize the extent of corrosion of metal, and can prevent scour deterioration. 4, defoaming and detergent should have excellent defoaming performance, air release properties and recycling aluminum pump cavitation does not occur, and no special odor. Detergent equipment generally divided according to freezing point, such as some detergent can achieve - freezing in winter 80° Or more, for the most part, the lower the freezing point, the more expensive, of course, if you are not in cold areas or relatively harsh environment use, can follow the principle of economical to buy. To sum up, the quality of the automobile detergent is closely related to detergent formulation, detergent production equipment. New detergent formulation, excellent additives, can let you maintain the car properly, delay the car service life. So the brand need to recognize when use detergent, efficacy, and so on. A: how to adjust the viscosity when production laundry detergent
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