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Detergent production machine: give you analyze detergent production machines and detergent raw materials

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent production equipment: liquid detergent production equipment can use cleaning equipment, is a suitable for all kinds of washing equipment of choice for small and medium-sized investors. Alias: detergent production equipment production equipment mainly for the production of detergent, shampoo, shampoo, shower gel, liquid washing laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, etc. Series products. With emulsion, heating equipment, timing, high speed shearing, temperature control, etc. Equipment 8 big advantage: 1. Small investment, need not tens of thousands of yuan, one thousand yuan can be production. 2. Cover an area of an area small, 20 or 30 square meters room can be used. 3. Production is high, according to the ordinary normal working hours meter calculate eight hours a day, can produce 1500 kg of product. 4. Power consumption is small, once electricity per hour operation. 5. Noise is small, can be produced within the family, the equipment is less than 30 decibel noise. 6. Easy to operate, move finger can be made. 7. Production variety, can produce all the liquid washing products, such as: detergent, shampoo, shower gel, washing liquid, clean lavatory spirit, disinfectant, detergent, etc. 8. Corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance high temperature resistant plastic, life can be up to ten years. Detergent is a great variety of materials, mainly divided into two categories: one is the main raw material, the washing effect of all kinds of surface active agent, dosage of their big, many varieties, is the body of the detergent. Second, auxiliary materials, that is, all kinds of additives, they play a role of various auxiliary in detergent, the dosage may be small, but very important. The main composition is divided into surface active agent, surfactant detergent generally as washing ingredients, but also in some of the formula used as auxiliary raw materials, emulsifying, wetting, solubilization, moisturizing, lubrication, sterilization, soft, antistatic, foaming, defoaming effect, etc. In the household detergent formulation accounts for about 5% ~ 30%. According to the dosage and varieties, use most is a anionic surfactant, second is ionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants is rarely used. Detergent auxiliary use pure surfactant can obtain a satisfactory cleaning effect, if add some other material to improve the washing ability, not only can get better washing effect, but also the economy, the additive is called washing agent. Usually wash assistant should have the following features: with high cation can play chelation, soften hard water washing. Have a anti coagulation effect on solid dirt or dispersion effect; The alkaline buffer role; To prevent dirt in deposits. Detergent builder is a lot of more phyletic, most of them is special product, its using frequency and importance is not inferior to the Lord in the detergent surfactants, therefore, it is necessary to focus on. A: detergent production equipment manufacturer VS investors dialogue
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