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Car beauty detergent making machine use unnecessary cost caused by waste

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 car hairdressing detergent equipment with unnecessary cost caused by waste is now sold in the domestic market of detergents device to produce kinds of detergent is various, but mainly divided into three types: the summer with detergent, winter antifreeze type detergent and the special effects antifreeze type detergent. The summer with the detergent is mainly used to clear the flying insects residue on the mirror; Winter antifreeze type detergent mainly is to ensure that the temperature below 20 ℃ below zero, the auto parts will not be frozen bad; Special type antifreezing detergent is mainly used in northern cold region in particular, to ensure that car still does not freeze in 40 ℃ below zero. Detergent production equipment investment detergent composed of many kinds of surfactants and additives distribution. Surfactants usually have wetting, penetration, solubilization, and other functions, thus have the effect of significant decontamination cleaning. At the same time, the presence of alcohol, ethylene glycol, can significantly reduce the freezing point of liquid detergent investment so as to have the effect of antifreeze, quickly dissolve frost. Eliminate adsorption on the surface of the glass, the material, can eliminate the charge on the surface of the glass, and antistatic properties. How's that? Can also lubrication, reduce the wiper directly friction with the glass. In the usual detergent equipment maintenance process, we will according to the actual circumstances of the season and weather to select suitable detergent, when we found that the fuzzy windshield surface with a suitable detergent cleaning will be bright. And night found glass reflective problem, also can use detergent to wipe. In the running under the condition of the high speed or dust, detergent will use very fast, also should pay attention to inject new detergent immediately. Detergent seemingly insignificant, but it is the most commonly used car is expendable. May not know, a lot of friends detergent there is temperature difference. Many owners of cars happened detergent freeze in winter, detergent injection system overall change of consequences. In the winter comes, will the car clean detergent consumption. Then, to professional maintenance shop to buy freezing point temperature is lower than the local minimum of detergent, to join the car. Such as engine oil, detergent, detergent equipment maintenance products are automobile routine maintenance of the project, not as complicated as engine, brake system, so they can check replacement are our own hands, and don't need to spend unnecessary cost caused by waste. 【 Mechanical 】 Twelve years laundry detergent equipment ( ) Shampoo, shampoo equipment production experience, equipment, dishwashing equipment, equipment, washing liquid detergent equipment, detergent equipment, washing equipment, laundry detergent equipment to provide opportunity for countless small business, equipment selection shampoo, detergent equipment, washing equipment, laundry detergent equipment business, small investment returns! A: how much do you know about detergent equipment mechanical innovation product function?
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