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detergent powder line

detergent powder line

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Product Overview

Detergent Powder Line

We are manufacturer mainly in home&care industry with a history of more than ten years.
1.we provides complete design and equipment supply of daily chemical production line, drying production line, workshop environment
purification system
2. we have successfully designed and supported such production line as detergent powder, liquid detergent, wet-type sodium
silicate, solid sodium silicate, quartz sand drying, calcium hydrogen phosphate drying, desulfurization gypsum drying for many
companies at home and abroad.

3.Based on user’s needs, we can provide planning and design of complete production line, detergent powder output capacity at
5000-250000 tons p.a. and liquid detergent output capacity at 5000-250000tons p.a.
4.The configuration process from simple manual operation to central computer centralized control automatically.
5.We also provide technical consultation and reconstruction services of old lines
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Linda XU
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