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Beware of laundry detergent joining scheme making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
What is the most investment in 2017 for money? The correct option is the key! A weak industry, the market at present is to invest and development area. What is the weak market and investment risk is big industry: 1, the real estate investment industry; 2, food and beverage industry; 3, traditional labor-intensive processing industry; 4, popularization of no technical barriers to business; 5, be wechat business impact of traditional business outlets; 6, no room to improve micro pay workers; Ideas decide way out, the choice is greater than the effort! Project prospect, the tutor industry technical barriers, one project, market situation, industry investment profit guarantee quality. Based on the above points, many small venture investors to look at the laundry detergent making machine. Do laundry detergent joining can achieve making machine with, everyone must do every will products; Implementation to be without me some high-tech products; Achieving great profits, relative market monopoly products; Implement do daily consumables market will never be eliminated; Do keep up with the trend of The Times of environmental health products. But as a result of laundry detergent and evil people mixed up making machine manufacturing industry, many investors had not engaged in related industries, led to cheated examples abound. As a laundry detergent production machine with more than 30 years production experience manufacturers, warn broad buyers, entrepreneurs can from the following several aspects to investigate the feasibility of laundry detergent production machine to join: fraud prevention method one: from the state enterprise credit information publicity system, can inquire any enterprise or individual industrial and commercial information. Set up time is short of it is difficult to guarantee the credibility of enterprises engaged in relevant work. Because it is impossible for enterprises in a short time accumulated the successful experience of mature. Some businesses often change the name of the company, credibility is zero. National enterprise credit information publicity system query entry: http://gsxt. 上汽集团。 gov. Cn/fraud prevention method 2: whether enterprises have related products business qualification. In the national industrial and commercial bureau web site, click on the 'comprehensive inquiry', enter the enterprise name, the enterprise all can query to the trademark information. Reminder: class 3 is washing product trademark, 7 class is washing machine related trademark. If the enterprise production and sales of laundry detergent making machine or laundry detergent, do not check in the national industrial and commercial bureau website any formal approval of a registered trademark, is 3 without the product. On the contrary, the longer the registration, the credibility of enterprises, the better. Fraud prevention method 3: open the alibaba web site, enter the company name and product keyword, to see upper left of the company on the alibaba website via 'good faith' year, the longer the time, the better the credibility, the shorter the time, the lower the credibility. If you choose to strong technical products, the following basic unreliable company 10 years. Fraud detection method of four: fraudulent enterprises are generally no fixed abode. According to most patsy was described, in Beijing, wuhan, guangzhou and other big cities joining units, the boss of laundry detergent production machine, most are outsiders, fraud, succeed in the name of the company or change the address after. Cheated people see is the surface decoration luxury office buildings, are rented. Therefore, view the unit owner valid id card and residence house property card is particularly important, may be best to home inspection, the unit owner property of economic power in the home, if the boss himself is a poor man makes money, so you and he cooperation after the chance of success is almost zero. Choices and once cheated will be shrugged off after the cooperation, want to cry. Genius is cheater, because caught your heart covet is cheap. Fraud detection method of five: sell laundry detergent production machine does not have its own technical qualification issued by the state or national invention patent certificate issued by the Patent Office ( Not ordinary patent for utility model) With advanced technology and the possibility of a high quality product is questionable. Choice is greater than the effort, no technical content of products, the harder you work, the more failure! Fraud detection method of six: good product first, make sure production, if the enterprise products are not willing to production, must not good products, not to mention money. So, there is only one you choose to cooperate with him as a result, lose everything! Therefore, whether the enterprise own product is very important. Washing products is indispensable for every product, the market situation. 80 - of laundry detergent production needs 10-90% of the water, only need 20% of raw materials, joining the laundry detergent making machine small investment but big profits. As long as the vast number of investors, laundry detergent production machine to join the upgrade rationally according to the above points, must be able to choose a way to get rich quick.
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