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Auto add detergent solution: why do you want to choose high quality?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 car with detergent solution why choose high quality detergent solution? Below more with hangzhou washing equipment manufacturers to discuss this problem! After why fuel detergent solution? Washing powder solution is the most basic function is to convert the nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust into harmless nitrogen and who, energy saving and environmental protection to your car emissions standards stipulated by the state. Through the intelligent control of SCR system, when the urea solution storage tank is insufficient, the car will start up, in order to ensure that the vehicle moving, should be equipped with adequate urea solution. In addition to choose different quality of the urea solution, the vehicle maintenance is also different. Elected the urea solution with purity is not enough, there are particles, impurities such as heavy metal ions, to nozzle, filter and parts of the vehicle SCR systems caused serious damage, unnecessary economic losses. Low quality of urea solution if the chemical composition is not high, there are heavy metals and other chemicals, will react and catalyst to reduce exhaust into effect, and even lost. Therefore, in the selection of urea solution should try to choose the high quality products, to control the maintenance cost of the vehicle. A: detergent formulation explanation, the method of making the washing powder
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