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Turnkey Project Sodium Silicate Production Line /Sodium Silicate Plant/ Water GlassPlant

Turnkey Project Sodium Silicate Production Line /Sodium Silicate Plant/ Water GlassPlant

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Introduction For The Process Of Sodium Silicate And The Furnace 

The raw materials for our Sodium Silicate plant are Sodium Carbonate(Soda Ash) and Quartz Sand which are melted in the hot air funace ,reaction and generation into liquid  Sodium Silicate,molded into solid square Sodium Silicate by water quenching or chain plate , used widely as raw materials in many fields such as ordinary casting, precision casting, paper making, ceramics, clay, mineral processing, kaolin, detergent powder and so on.

Our hot air furnace is heat exchange regenerative structure with high efficiency,energy saving and environmental protection. As the modulus of Sodium Silicate furnace in the production is modulus of 2.0 ~ 3.6 with strong alkaline solution and flow speed which causing serious erosion and scour on the furmace pool and pool wall.Meanwhile, the alkaline of the hot gas flow in the kiln chimney is relatively higher , erosion and scour of the funace's parapet and other parts of the upper chamber. Therefore, in order to ensure the duration of the furnace, the use of the furnace materials is strengthened in the design of the furnace. The furnace wall, and the upper part of the weld pool ,pool and the wall parapet connections, on both sides of the feed inlet, the liquid flow hole;all using the 33# electric melting bricks. The magnesia bricks will be used on the upper part of the regenerator room .So the cost of the material used in the furnace is relatively higher.

In addition to the above projects, other facilities are considered by the factory, such as workshop building, power supply, water supply, etc in order to reduce customer investment and the investment return time.



1)The furnace's design and selection of materials are very high quality which can ensure the normal operation of the kiln during the production.

2) The melting pool and the flame space are designed as separate structures,when maintenance of the furnace in future will only replace of wall tiles of the molten pool ,then can be put into production again, so the cost of the next maintenance is very low.

3) For saving energy ,the kiln is properly put the thermal insulation material in order that the consumption of energy is reduced a lot.


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