Professional manufacturer of Detergent Powder Production Line and Liquid Detergent Production Line.

What's Meibao working time?
Our working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm (Beijing time). You may send us an email at any time, we'll respond as soon as possible. If we don't respond in time, we request your comprehension. Out of working hours, we'll do our very best to fulfill your requirements via our telephone and email.
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Through years, Zhejiang Meibao Industrial Technology Co., Ltd has been engaged in the design and production of sodium silicate production line. We are widely accepted in the industry. Meibao has created a number of successful series, and detergent powder production line is one of them. The product is easy to move. The design of the heavy-duty multi-way roller enables easy movement through the ceiling track. The product has a strong and robust metal structure. This product has been considered as the best in the industry and widely used by people from various fields. The high automation rate is one of its biggest advantages.
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We aim to maintain strict environmental and sustainability standards throughout our production process. We achieve cost savings at various stages by cutting the costs of raw materials and reducing manufacturing expenses.

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