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Low cost agglomeration process washing powder making machine / Concentrated detergent powder equipment

Low cost agglomeration process washing powder making machine / Concentrated detergent powder equipment

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Product Description

perfume and other raw materials according to the formula. The raw materials are mixed and agglomerated into solid particles. Compared with the powder made from high tower, it is characterized by high density, low foam, low investment and operation cost.

The company can provide the design and construction of full automatic or semi-automatic agglomeration process detergent powder production line.

Process description

Powder raw materials, such as soda ash, sodium sulfate, zeolite, STPP, etc. are packed in small bags (25-50Kg) or ton bags. The raw materials are sent to the platform of raw material bin by the lift, and are manually unpacked and put into the respective raw material bins. Each raw material bin is provided with a weighing device, and according to the setting of the formula and the control program, it is automatically metered and sent to the mixer through the corresponding conveying device according to the set program.

Liquid raw materials, such as perfume, non-ionic, LABSA, etc. are packed in barrel. The liquid materials are sent to the respective liquid tanks by the barrel pump, then measured by the respective metering pump automatically and delivered to the mixer for atomization in the order set by the program automatically. The atomized liquid droplets mix and react with the powder raw materials while stirring. Mix the powder and liquid evenly according to the set mixing time.

Manually/automatically open the discharge valve under the mixer, and the material is sent to the vibrating screen for screening by the belt conveyor. The powder that meets the particle requirements is lifted to the finished product bin, the finished product bin is connected to the packing machine. The packing machine can be selected according to needs. Then the finished products are packed, stacked and sent to warehouse.

Product attributes

Product name Agglomeration process detergent Powder Making Machine
Function Mixing and packing
Usage Mixng the materials
Application Daily chemical
Material SS, CS
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Company Information

Our company is a "National High-tech Enterprise". It is a member of China washing Association technical equipment Specialized Committee and has the autonomy of import and export business. The company has a complete product research and development system,quality management system and professional engineering construction team. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification.  Many of the company's technologies and equipment have applied for national invention and utility model patents.

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       Contact  person:  Helen  Zhong

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       Zhejiang Meibao Industrial Technology CO.,Ltd.

       Address: Floor 14th, ZMI Plaza, Kaixuan Road, Hangzhou , China 



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Apart from making people more attractive, this product enables them to project a certain personal image to others. This product adopts a scientific homogenizing system to ensure smooth and even feedstock. Its convenience is what our customers appreciate. They say they can store the excess solar energy during the day to use later or on emergency. This product adopts a scientific homogenizing system to ensure smooth and even feedstock.
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