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Industrial Liquid Sodium SilicateMaking Equipment/Sodium SilicateProduction Machines/Liquid Glass Making Machines

Industrial Liquid Sodium SilicateMaking Equipment/Sodium SilicateProduction Machines/Liquid Glass Making Machines

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Company Information

Meibao Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing the complete turnkey plants such as detergent powder production plant, liquid detergent plant, sodium silicate plant,soap plant,surface active agent production line,sulphonation plant,AES/SLES plant,AOS plant,mineral wool plant,hot air furnace,PE&PET plastic bottle plant,cartons plant,etc.We can provide all-in-one service for the technical consultation, R&D, planning and design, site fabrication and installation, commissioning, operators training,post-sale service and assist our customers to find the advanced technicians and high management talents.


Meibao group owned three large industrial manufacturing factories:Meitong Industrial , Meibao Furnace, Zhuomiao Industry.We have served more than 170 large detergent powder factories which are used in P&G,Unilever,Henkel,Wings,Liby,Nice,Nafine,Rhodia,etc.In energy conservation and environmental protection industry, we have provided equipment and services for more than 1700 factories .We have nearly 60000 M2 of modern manufacturing workshops,R & D center and operation center.Our company has passed ISO9001 IQ Management System Certification and ISO14001 EM System Certification. We are also the real manufacturer of making OEM orders for many famous washing products .


We hereby sincerely welcome you to visit us and see our factories for deep cooperation.


Introduction For  Sodium Silicate Wet Phase

We are manufacturer for the turnkey solution for sodium silicate (water glass) production line. There are two ways of manufacturing the production, dry phase and liquid phase.

Mol.Ratio for dry phase: >3.0 ( adjustable during the manufacturing ) 

Mol.Ratio for dry phase: <3.0 ( adjustable during the manufacturing ) 


The production of sodium silicate in wet process is the reaction in Caustic soda solution and Quartz sand, heated in the reaction kettle.The liquid Sodium Silicate is produced directly by heat and pressure.The related investment cost is only 1/3 of dry method.And the finished Sodium Silicate is obtained by filtration and concentration.


Wet method Sodium Silicate production line is simple, low energy consumption, small labor intensity, easily getting raw materials,low investment. The Sodium Silicate produced by the wet phase is clear and transparent. According to the different modulus of Sodium silicate, it can be used as the basic raw material of chemical industry in general casting, precision casting, paper making, ceramics, clay, mineral processing, kaolin, washing and so on.The market potential is great and the benefit.


We can make the production capacity of liquid sodium silicate from 3000 Ton/year(10T/Day) to infinity as customer's request.


Zhejiang Meibao Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

High efficiency/Energy saving/Environmental protection/AI  

Office Add: Floor No.14(151)th,Wuchan Guoji 

Plaza,Kaixuan Road,Hangzhou,Zhejiang ,China 

Factory Location 1:No.150 Xinan Town,Deqing ,Zhejiang,China 

Factory Location 2:No.1707 Wenju Road,Fuyang  Zhejiang,China


Mobile Phone & Wechat :0086-13858194168

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E-mail: mbl at cnmbl.com,zjmbl at hotmail.com 

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Our Clients:


German Henkel Co. Ltd


Lipton Washing Products Co. Ltd.

Sino-Arab Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd


Unilever Co. Ltd in China and other countries

Indonesia Golden Resource Co.Ltd


Nice Group,etc


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