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Washing powder production machine: washing powder main composition is introduced

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Laundry detergent ingredients a total of five categories: active ingredients, help wash the composition, the buffer composition, synergistic ingredients, dispersant LBD - 1, auxiliary active ingredients: active ingredient is plays a main role in detergent compositions. Catharsis active ingredient is a class of substances known as surfactant, its function is weaken stains and adhesion between the clothing, in the washing water and stir hand rub or washing machine under the action of mechanical force, make the stains from clothes, so as to achieve the aim of washing clothes. Help wash ingredients: help lotion is one of the largest ingredients, dosage of detergent powder are generally accounted for a total of 15% 40%. Help lotion the main function of which is contained by bound water hardness ions, to soften water, thus protecting the surfactant make its maximum utility. The so-called phosphorus, phosphorus detergent, is refers to the actual help lotion is phosphate or non phosphate material. Buffer ingredients: common dirt on clothes, generally for organic stains, such as perspiration, food, dust, etc. Organic stains are generally is acidic, the washing solution in alkaline condition for this kind of stain removal, so deserves to be into a considerable number of alkaline detergent in the material. Soda ash and sodium silicate is usually used. Synergistic ingredients: in order to make the detergent has better and more related to the washing effect, a growing number of detergent containing special functional components, these components can effectively improve the washing performance and improve detergent. According to the functional requirement, detergent used in the synergistic ingredients have such categories: improve the wash effect, such as enzymes, bleach, bleach accelerator, etc. ; Improve whiteness stay, such as dispersant LBD - redeposition resistance agent and dirt 1, enzymes, fluorescent whitening agent, reserving agent; Protect fabric improve fabric handle, such as softening agent, cellulose enzyme, antistatic agent, stabilizer. color-protecting, etc. Auxiliary components: this kind of composition generally no detergent washing ability improving role, but the product process, and the sensory index of larger role, such as make washing powder color of white, uniform particles, no agglomerate, pleasant aroma, etc. Tags: detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: detergent ingredients classification, the need to pay attention to what issues?
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