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Washing powder production machine to produce washing powder what marketing methods

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 hangzhou machinery equipment co. , LTD. In the network looking for materials and their summarizes: what to produce washing powder marketing way, in the future there will be more better articles to share with you hope you attention of our company: laundry detergent washing powder detergent production machine equipment production equipment washing powder equipment detergent shampoo shampoo laundry detergent production equipment. Washing powder is common one of the most commonly used washing products on the market. The philosopher said: 'when people don't wear clothes, washing powder, there is no market for'; Scientists say: 'when invented disposable clothing or disposable clothing, washing powder is about to disappear'; Economists say: 'human history, in addition to food, never had any a commodity like washing powder has such a huge market, the consumption of such a huge, so strong vitality'; So said detergent market is huge. And how should produce detergent with washing powder equipment sales. Through what to sell? Also, washing powder is also scattered with detergent and bags of washing powder. Bags of washing powder is divided into ordinary washing powder, such as' diao card, make white, tide, the secret washing powder, such as', concentrated laundry detergent, high foaming detergent, detergent, hotel special laundry detergent, no phosphorus detergent washing powder. Bulk sales site is laundry detergent, hotel, hotel, each region has hardware factory, machinery factory, car repair shop, production workers to deal with the oil every day, rest to wash their hands, eating to wash their hands, to wash their hands after work, a dozens of small plant daily washing powder ( Or washing powder) The dosage of 2 - 3 kg, if it's thousands of producers, hundreds of pounds a day, 10 such contact factory, monthly sales of washing powder alone a few one thousand jins, and hotel, hotel, one night accommodation, these places will wash the sheets, sheets, pillow cases, on the average, there are dozens of a hotel room, if you need to wash all dosage is also a great place. Bulk detergent general cost about 4 MAO, is for people to use. Bulk detergent market sale price is in commonly 1 yuan. Bags of washing powder mainly sales and market, supplies stores, shopping malls, fuel factory,. ltd a to large manufacturers and even some manufacturers such holiday when they need to send some benefits, but these benefits have washing powder. A manufacturer of thousands of people, an average of 35 bag of washing powder, thousands of washing powder. Bags of washing powder quality of general requirements, it is for personal use, general cost in 1. 2 yuan. Also can according to the different effect of different place of production of detergent. The previous: washing powder production equipment company, catharsis things should work out several sets of sales strategy
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