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Washing powder production machine: classification of washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Ordinary washing powder, particles and loose, dissolve quickly, the bubble is relatively abundant, but relatively weak detergency, not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing concentrated detergent powder particles small, density, foam is less, but strong detergency, At least twice as much as the ordinary washing powder) , easy to clean, water saving, general suitable for maximum phosphorus detergent with phosphate as the main additives, eutrophication and the phosphorus from environment, thus destroy the water quality, pollution of the environment without phosphorus detergent is this a defect, is conducive to the aquatic environment protection. In order to the health of our living environment, it is recommended to use without phosphorus detergent with enzyme washing powder is to add a laundry detergent enzyme, enzymatic detergent for a specific dirt ( Such as fruit juice, ink, blood, milk stains, meat, milk, soy sauce stains, etc. ) Dispel has special function, at the same time, some of the specific enzymes can kill bacteria, whitening and protecting color brightening effect. Add is to add a laundry detergent washing powder flavor, add sweet detergent in the washing effect of make clothes smell at the same time, make the person feels more comfortable. The national standard production of washing powder, have what performance? Said digital model id number model is the performance of said content of surfactant, the surfactant content is a major determinant of detergency size. Such as 30 type, indicates that the surfactant content is 30%, it belongs to high grade washing powder, washing wool and silk; 20 type said its surface active agent content is 20%, belong to low alkaline detergent, suitable for washing linen fabric; There are 25, 28, and so on. Said the performance of the word mark is mainly divided into five categories: ( 1) High bubble type ( Ordinary) , suitable for hand washing; ( 2) Low foam, containing polyether and soap ingredients, high effect and less bubble, easy to rinse, washing machine is a dedicated; ( 3) Bleaching, containing boric acid or sodium percarbonate, sodium bleaching in more than 60 ℃ hot water, suitable for white washing; ( 4) With enzyme, containing a biological catalyst, can decompose the sweat be soiled on clothing, milk stains and bloody, in 45 ℃ water use effect is best; ( 5) Brightening, containing fluorescent whitening agent, can whitening white clothing, color clothes can be brightening. Consumers to buy washing powder had better look for the 'national standard'. 'National standard' brand on the packaging marked 'adopt standard GB' logo. If the consumer is impossible to determine whether the product use of 'national standard', is the best choice inspection-exempted products, brand products have quality assurance of washing powder, do one to recognize trademark, for those who don't carry prominent name or name not to buy. Two should pay attention to appearance, three is don't buy in unlicensed operation of a market stall, lest be. Tags: detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: washing powder production machine: washing powder main composition is introduced
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