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Ultrapure water machines in use process how to maintain

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
First, boot, ensure water frequency. Because of reverse osmosis membrane is very important parts in ultrapure water machine, its pore size is very small, so in the use process are often bacteria such as micro material deposition on the surface, general each manufacturer of pure water machine has function of backwash, designed to remove contaminants. Even without water, but also often boot, put some water. Water consumption within the 10 liters/day, washes 3 - More than 5 times, more than 10 liters, rinse several times. If long time ( If more than 1 months) No, needs to be soaked in disinfectant and avoid bacteria breeding, but the process is more troublesome, suggested that even if you don't water, often boot with a small amount of water, let the machine internal circulation of water, reduce water deposit time is too long. The service life of reverse osmosis membrane in 2 - 3 years, mainly of water consumption by the customer to decide, so the user is when the choose and buy must choose the matched specifications. Second, timely replacement of activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter, mainly through adsorption to remove the peculiar smell in the water, organic matter, etc. Chlorine in tap water, that you have great oxidation of reverse osmosis membrane, so must be removed by active carbon. Activated carbon filter on the surface without the change of the intuitive, according to the experience, general saturated adsorption in a year or so, need to change. Third, pay attention to the life of the purification column. Water quality purification column according to the customer's demand is also sometimes called super purification column, since the role is to deep desalting of reverse osmosis pure water, eventually reach the level of water or ultrapure water level. Its principle is ion exchange. The life of the purification column by resistivity online performance. Below a certain resistance indicates that the purification column expired, more intuitive. Its life in addition to the customer the amount of water resistance, manufacturers in the production design is especially important before and after each of the filling amount of ion exchange resin and ion exchange resin quality of itself. Fourth, to reduce the cost, high quality water based on water quality. Water tap water as water source ultrapure water machine is generally has two outlet, the three levels of water and water level, it is reverse osmosis water level 3 water, stored in a tank, and water level is use namely, no deposit. Level 3 didn't pass the water purification column, level of water through the purification column, water level is higher than the cost of water level 3. So customers in daily application, should according to the water quality demand high quality water, as far as possible when can triple water without water level. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent production machine, laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: pure water making machine of water treatment filter process
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