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High efficiency coal fired hot air furnace / Hot air generator / Gas fired drying oven

High efficiency coal fired hot air furnace / Hot air generator / Gas fired drying oven

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Product Description

MBH indirect coal-fired hot air furnace consists of MBL coal burner, high-temperature purifying room and heat exchanger. Bituminous coal(soft coal) is fed into coal hopper through coal feeder. The coal at a certain height is delivered into burning hearth of coal burner by chain grate. Combustion fan sends air into burner, hot gas produces by burning coal erupts from fire outlet of coal burner and enters in high-temperature purifying room, then begins secondary combustion. The dusts in the gas impact, aggregate and subside in the purifying room. Hot flue gas from purifying room mixes reclamimed flue gas, the mixture is sent into flue gas inlet of heat exchanger. Flue gas flows outside the pipe, fresh air flows countercurrent inside the pipe. Flue gas exchanges heat with fresh air. Part of flue gas is reclaimed, the rest is exhausted. Hot clean air out from heat exchanger at the suitable temperature flows into dryer for drying. Temperature of hot air can be adjustable accordingto the demand.When hot air is supplied continuously, its temperature fluctuates within ±5 deg.C. The cinder is discharged from the other side of coal burner by cinder conveyor.


(1) There is no black smoke in tail gas. Meet the demand of environmental protection. Good operating conditions.

(2) Total heat efficiency>75%.

(3) Hot air temperature fluctuates within 5 deg.C.

(4) Hot air temperature at outlet can reach up to 650 deg.C.

(5) High heat capacity, up to 20 milion kcal per hour.

(6) Heat exchanger has long lifesapan, low maintenance cost.

(7) Long ash-removing interval of furnace.


There are different model of indirect hot air furnaces can be selected,(heat capacity ranges from 0.25 to 20 million kcal per hour, heating temperature range 50-650 deg.C). Hot air furnace can be used to dry chemicals,foodstuffs and medicines etc. We can provide different model and configuration in terms of customer's demand.

Hot Air Furnace attributes

Product name Two - Chamber Hot Air Furnace For High Air Volume Organic Waste Gas
Usage High Air Volume Organic Waste Gas


Efficiency >98%
Installation Engineer guide
Material SS, CS





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Our company is a "National High-tech Enterprise". It is a member of China washing Association technical equipment Specialized Committee and has the autonomy of import and export business. The company has a complete product research and development system,quality management system and professional engineering construction team. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification.  Many of the company's technologies and equipment have applied for national invention and utility model patents.

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