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The emulsifying machine several main types

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
With China's industrial strength, industry chain extension, chemical equipment production and processing ability has been greatly improved, emulsification machine has become one of China's industrial strength. Emulsification machine is through the precision of the stator and rotor, to realize the material dispersion, emulsion, homogeneous a professional equipment. Until today in development of emulsifying machine, has formed the following types of products: 1. Kettle bottom kettle bottom emulsifying machine is a kind of the emulsifying machine installed at the bottom of the reaction kettle crushing emulsification homogeneous equipment, general with vertical mulser, in-line emulsification machine and other equipment, and more effective to solve other devices cannot solve such problems as the shattering of the kettle bottom sediment of emulsification. 2. Pipeline emulsification machine pipeline emulsification machine is made up of three layer or multilayer dual occlusion of the stator, the material through the layers of shear, dispersion, emulsification, processed materials drawn into the rotor shearing action under hundreds of thousands of times, to ensure that the multiphase fluid highly fragmented and fixed grain refining the purpose of quickly; Pipeline emulsification machine used in industrial production and pilot product of emulsification, homogeneous and dispersed. 3. Vacuum mulser vacuum mulser is refers to the material under vacuum condition, can be uniformly high shear emulsifying machine with a phase or multiple phase distribution to another continuous phase, the use of machinery to bring strong momentum, make the material in the narrow clearance of the stator, hydraulic shear under hundreds of thousands of times per minute. Centrifugal extrusion impacts tear combination, such as instant evenly dispersed emulsion, after high frequency cycles, end up with no bubble is exquisite and stable high quality products. Emulsification machine is a kind of common chemical industry production equipment, its application is very extensive. Next up: the four advantages of investment in detergent industry in an article: laundry detergent high shear emulsifying machine performance and efficiency
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