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Small investment big business - Production laundry detergent, earn millions

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 investing at home laundry detergent production, low cost, high profit, small investment, hundreds of thousands of years the investment or millions of dollars. Laundry detergent is a very profitable business, is selling water to make money, we very low cost of the laundry detergent, exclusive formula, the cost is only 0. 3 to 0. 6 yuan a kilo, and decontamination effect is the same as the old brand of laundry detergent, in the United States, laundry detergent washing supplies more than 80% of market share, in our country, because increasing at the rate of 20% every year, the market share will gradually replace the washing powder. Now big brand of laundry detergent price is too high to 3 kg market retail price in 60 yuan, price cheap laundry detergent, and small factory decontamination effect is a bit poor, but we have the development of laundry detergent decontamination effect and big brands of the same, and the market sale price is very low, after product, accepted by tens of thousands of families, people need is affordable, as long as you do good effect, low prices, then you tens of thousands of local, hundreds of thousands of family is your long-term customers, sales to calculate. At home do a laundry detergent factory, can produce bulk and barrel laundry detergent, investment can produce thousands of yuan, in the towns and countryside generally buy now the washing machine, laundry detergent market and sales over the years, we can do a small family factory, our production of bulk laundry detergent and barrel laundry detergent, decontamination results can and big brand of laundry detergent, cost is very low, 3 to 5 cents per kilogram, to sell 2 to 3 yuan a catty, practice has proved that, several villages and towns near to your home to buy a large bulk of laundry detergent market, where can sell! 1, family, hotel, the guesthouse, the laundry can supply in bulk or large packing type, long-term wholesale. 2, procurement, packaging, wholesale to each market, after the first trial to pay, also can go to the gate, the farmer's market by doing experiment, and sales. Improve visibility. 3, to supermarkets and wholesale markets, sales after the first payment, low wholesale price. 4, laundry detergent, detergent, the countryside shop goods to the outlets of villages and towns and villages salesroom generation of sales. 5, make pilot sale, go to the gate of comparing experiment, compared with famous brand on the spot effect, first trial, ten days can not satisfied with a refund. Line up with valid documents, ten collection again in the future. Free training various strength formula, easily beat rivals! Laundry detergent formulation are: laundry detergent multi-function formula, antibacterial consumption laundry detergent, laundry detergent, mother and baby underwear laundry detergent, and soft type of laundry detergent, collar is special laundry detergent, add luster laundry detergent formulation etc detergent formulation are: bulk detergent formulation, strong degreasing detergent, household detergent, detergent factory type, ginger plant type detergent and other recipes. The shampoo formula are: plant type of shampoo, dandruff shampoo, soft shampoo, such as multi-functional shampoo formula moisturizing shampoo. Companies, and shower gel formula, liquid soap formula, kitchen net oil, clean lavatory spirit, washing liquid, washing powder and other washing products, product formula free training, all the previous: market gradually disappear, will have an impact on laundry detergent sales?
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