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Ceramic Drying Hot Air Furnace/Industry Hot Air Stove

Ceramic Drying Hot Air Furnace/Industry Hot Air Stove
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Meibao Group owned three large industrial manufacturing factories :Meitong Industrial,Meibao Furnace,Zhuomiao Industry which possesses professional R&D system, QC system and strong construction team.We are the National High-Tech enterprise specializing in developing ,researching,designing,manufacturing ,erecting and commissioning various industrial kilns and hot air drying equipment.Among the products,the efficient and energy-saving coal-fired hot air furnace has been listed in "SME Technology Innovation Fund Plan" by National Ministry of Science & Technology since 2009.


Our company has passed  the certificate of  ISO9001 QC system in 2006. The hot air drying furnace which was developed and manufactured by our own factory ,has obtained several national patents and  provided equipment and services for more than 1700 factories in many famous energy and environmental protection industry.In 2007,we successfully developed biofuel hot air furnace. At present we have such main products as direct coal-fired hot air furnace, indirect coal-fired hot air furnace, direct biofuel hot air furnace, oil-fired hot air furnace, gas-fired hot air furnace and so on.


MBZ direct coal-fired hot air furnace consists of MBL coal burner, high-temperature purifying room and air mixing room.Bituminous coal (soft coal) is fed into coal hopper through coal feeder. The coal at a certain height is delivered into burning hearth of coal burner by chain grate. Combustion fan sends air into burner, hot gas produced by burning coal erupts from fire outlet of coal burner and enters in high-temperature purifying room. The cinder is discharged from the other side of coal burner by cinder conveyor.


Hot gas enters in high-temperature purifying room and begins secondary combustion. The dusts in the gas impact, aggregate and subside in the purifying room. Clean hot air from purifying room at about 1000 ℃, then mixed into a certain amount of fresh air, the mixture at the wanted temperature flows into dryer(such as spray tower, rotary dryer, oven, drying house, flash dryer, fluidized bed etc.) to dry materials. Temperature of hot air can be adjustable according to the demand. When hot air is supplied continuously, its temperature fluctuates within ±5 ℃.


 Our hot air drying furnace can be used with the fuel power of coal ,diesel,heavy oil ,natural gas,biomass (palm shells,cottonseeds shells,corn straw,sawdust,etc) , in many fields as followings:


Daily-use Chemical: Detergent Powder,PPA, layer sodium metasilicate,4A zeolite etc.

Ceramics: Ceramic powder(polished tile),glaze, pottery, kaolin and so on.

Fertilizers: Compound fertilizer, DAP, MAP, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate,potassium magnesium sulfate etc.

Chemicals: potassium fluoride, dye(activated,deoxidize),PAC, CaCl2,Fe2(SO4)3, zinc oxide, alumina, fluorite powder etc.

Feedstuffs: Lees, granular feedstuff,DCP,feedstuff additives and so on.

Building materials: Quartz sand(for glass), desulfurized gypsum, ceramic fiber, heat insulation board, heat insulation cotton, ultrafine powder etc.

For environmental protection: Black liquor(lignin),phosphogypsum, sludge desiccation, effluent disposal, solid residue  etc.

Food Drying:Dried banana, dried pineapple, dried mango, dried longan, dried durian,dried  potato and taro,etc.

Others: Crumb rubber, acetylene cylinder, paper mold, briquette, wood, ore powder and so on.


High cleanliness direct biomass fired hot air furnace consists of coal burner, high-temperature purifying room, air mixing room and control system.

Features: Clean, low cost, operate simply.

The heat capacity of single high purity direct coal-fired hot air furnace ranges from 0.5-200 million kcal per hour. Maximum output temperature is 1000 ℃. To dry the products, furnace can attach to spray tower, rotary kiln, fluidized bed, air dryer, drying house, oven, etc.


1.  Full combustion, no black smoke hot air, clean operating environment; The emission of SO2 is zero and the environmental protection is up to the standard.

2. Clean hot air, dust content is between 30 to 120 mg/Nm3

3.  Heat efficiency >95%

4.Temperature of hot air under 1000℃ can be adjusted easily. When hot air is supplied continuously, it's temperature fluctuates within ±5℃

5.Operate simply, adjust easily

6.High security without any danger of explosion

7. Durable, low operating cost, easy maintenance

8. All the hot air flows into dryer; there is no increased outlet during production process


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