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Machinery: the types of laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
What are the types of laundry detergent? Hangzhou below laundry detergent production machine manufacturer for details! General detergents on the market is divided into three major categories, one is summer, on the basis of the original ingredients added in addition to the shellac ingredients, can more quickly to root out the flying insects residue on the windshield, other flying insects residual traces on the front face is also very good effect on rooting out. The second type of laundry detergent designed for use in winter antifreeze type, to ensure that the outside air temperature below 20 ℃ below zero, still will not have iced bad car making machine. Climate is cold in the winter and the road needs cleaning the windshield, because not only can clean can also help absorb useful electrostatic effect, fully staffed, very convenient. The third kind is the special effects antifreeze, ensure that still not freeze when below 40 ℃, cold area north of our country the most appropriate to use. Some owners to pursue cheap, homemade laundry detergent, detergent, detergent, washing powder, such as blending, and simply use water instead of laundry detergent. In fact, the high quality of laundry detergent is made of liquid detergent and all kinds of environmentally friendly additives, decontamination, antifreeze, fight electrostatic, anticorrosion, etc. Some better quality laundry detergent, and with rapid melting snow melting ice, anti glare, prevent mist, such as performance, has a serious effect on progress driving safety. And defect of laundry detergent are mostly water and alcohol and into, not only damage the car paint surface gloss, hardness of rubber strip, serious still can cause off color, rubber parts and other plastic bulge dissolved, etc. And laundry detergent after cleaning the glass, will flow near the air inlet to air conditioning, the smell of laundry detergent evaporation will along the car air conditioning ventilation pipe into the control room. Defective because of evaporation is harmful gas, hidden killer will be harm to the health of the owner. Detergent production factory house, the previous: their factories and how to join in the detergent production factory house to evaluate?
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