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Detergent production equipment market prospects

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
As the economic and social progress and development, people's life level also have higher requirements, environmental protection concept gradually strengthen, more and more people pursue high taste of life, eager to have a healthy, clean, environmental protection, comfortable home life environment. Our family use cleaning supplies including laundry detergent, washing powder, detergent and other cleaning products, covers all aspects of daily life, the product demand is stable, growth space is large. China's huge population base and the increasing consumption demand of washing supplies demand, the rapid growth of the residents' income and consumer spending is the guarantee of washing supplies demand growth conditions. Cleaning products belong to the necessaries of life, in the foreseeable future, the industry will not enter recession. Another small packaging such as hotel shampoo, shower gel, detergent, floor cleaner, cleaning and disinfection of the sheets, detergent and disinfectant used in catering industry market more vast. The consumption of large office buildings, cleaning company for cleaning products is also quite striking. Cosmetic investment become the gold project cleaning supplies cost analysis cleaning supplies are made by large factory mass production, and cleaning supplies have high profit space. Originally the main chemical raw materials, low cost. Washing powder general cost is zero. 8 yuan / 500 g, 3 - market price 5 yuan. Dishwashing detergent is 0. 15 - 0. 2-6 yuan / 500 g, the market price 3. 5 yuan. Shampoo is 0. 6 - 1. 2 yuan / 500 g, 8 - market price 12 yuan. Bath dew 0. 3 - 1. 5-2 yuan / 500 g, the market price 10 yuan. Other detergent 500 g cost most are below $2, and using effect, colour and lustre, bubble, decontamination capability, and so on can be the same as the famous brand product. Famous manufacturers of the main cost is advertising, taxation, large equipment and plant, employee welfare salary, etc. If can save most of their production costs, profits is self-evident. Next article: choose baby laundry detergent USES what kind of washing method? A: what kind of shampoo is good, to teach you how to choose the right shampoo
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