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Can use detergent? How does it work? Listen to the experts how to say

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Can use detergent? How does it work? Listen to what experts say we dishwashing detergent is commonly used ingredient is 'surfactant', belongs to the chemical substances, if after using residue on the tableware, can affect the body health. Excessive use of detergent, residual chemical detergent can make human body calcium ion concentration in the blood drops, blood acidic, let a person tired easily, may also affect the liver detoxification function, thereby lowering the body immunity. Therefore, home to wash the dishes, had better do without or with less detergent. Porridge rice tableware not serving porridge, rice pot, actually not greasy, can need not detergent, directly wash with hot water. Wipe away the oil paper before washing with kitchen paper wipe away the dishes on the oil, then wash with hot water, can be washed easily. As far as possible when the dishes are not stacked tidying don't put the dishes together, so as to avoid pollution on the underside to other dishes, increase the difficulty of washing. With lemon and vinegar instead of lemon juice or white vinegar in the water drops will be diluted and can act as a detergent, get rid of the greasy dirt on the glassware, bowls. Rushed at least three times after using very oily dishes, can be soaked with hot water first and then use the detergent, or pour into the reoccupy after fully diluted, so as to reduce the dosage. It is important to note that the use of tableware detergent, be sure to irrigate with flowing water for 3 times, rather than repeatedly in a basin of clean water to wash, so as to avoid chemical residues.
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