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Sodium Silicate Plant
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Turnkey Solution Sodium Silicate Production Line / Solid Sodium Silicate Making Machine/ Liquid Water Glass Plant

Turnkey Solution Sodium Silicate Production Line / Solid Sodium Silicate Making Machine/ Liquid Water Glass Plant

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Product Description

Solid Sodium Silicate Furnace

We can provide process design, equipment installation, commissioning and operation training for the solid sodium silicate production line for 10-200 ton/day. The fuel can be natural gas, oil or coal.

The main raw materials of solid sodium silicate production are soda ash and quartz sand. The process are slurry preparation, firing and melting.

Solid Sodium Silicate Melting Machine

We can provide process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation training for solid sodium silicate melting.According to the customer's requirements, the high modulus solid sodium silicate can be added to the steam through the melting kettle to melt into liquid sodium silicate, and then the liquid sodium silicate is added to the caustic soda and water to obtain different modulus and concentration of low modulus liquid sodium silicate required by the market.

Liquid Sodium Silicate Production Equipment

Mix the quartz sand the liquid caustic soda evenly in the batching tank. Then, put into the reaction kettle and filled with steam. After the reaction under high temperature and pressure, the sodium silicate solution is obtained. The finished product can be put into finished product tank through pump and then sent to the product warehouse.

This production line is for automated production. The process is streamlined and the production efficiency is high. The process layout is reasonable, energy saving and energy saving. After years of optimization, the equipment has stable and long service life.


Product attributes

Product Name Solid / liquid soduim silicate plant
Function Reaction kettle
Capacity As customer requirements
Application Daily chemical, Building materual, Food,etc
Machine type Automatic
Control PLC control
Installation Engineer guide




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Company Information

Our company is a "National High-tech Enterprise". It is a member of China washing Association technical equipment Specialized Committee and has the autonomy of import and export business. The company has a complete product research and development system,quality management system and professional engineering construction team. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification.  Many of the company's technologies and equipment have applied for national invention and utility model patents.

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a) Professional team to design the perfect products according to your specific demands.

b) Reliable after-sell service and technical supporting.

c) Precise engineering drawing available and private scheme only for you with the most economic and efficient purpose. 

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The product is super easy to clean. People only need to clean it with a brush after used for a certain time. It has an automatic temperature control function. The product is valued for its huge durability, popular in the construction industry. People who use this product said that it can last for years. It has an automatic temperature control function.
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