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Add detergent really fuel-efficient?

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent first originated in Europe, called adbule, used in the SCR system. Washing powder and name: car urea, scientific name is diesel exhaust treatment fluid. Used in diesel engines. It is a kind of use in SCR technology, used to reduce nox in diesel exhaust pollution of the liquid. Its composition is 32. High purity of 5% urea, and 67. 5% of deionized water. Washing powder usage for diesel commonly 3% 5%, equal to 3 - have said 100 l diesel consumption 5 l liquid detergent. With heavy vehicles 32 litres of urea tank device, for example, cars per 7200 kilometers consumes about 100 litres of urea, namely every 2300 km need filling; 3 - equivalent to about fuel usage 5%; Then add detergent really fuel-efficient? This, no doubt, use the detergent and fuel consumption, there is no direct relationship. Washing powder is used for the four vehicles of the SCR system, SCR system through the OBD system comes in contact with engine ECU, if SCR system does not work, OBD system can reduce engine power output, and increase fuel consumption. But if the SCR system to work properly, take the high pressure common rail technology of the four engines burning more fully, the output power is more secure, can save about 6% than the three engine oil consumption, so the washing powder will not increase or decrease the fuel consumption of engine, but the quality of washing powder can guarantee the normal work of the SCR system, help to reduce fuel consumption. A: small investment on big business - Production laundry detergent, earn millions
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