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Why washing powder making machine nozzle can damage?

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Why washing powder making machine nozzle can damage? Detergent production factory house summarizes the following four points: 1, the detergent solution was found to be of poor quality cheap inferior detergent solution on the market not thing too much and impurities in the damage of nozzle clogging. Nozzle, urea solution injection solution after the remaining 2 engine combustion is turned off, the nozzle of the urea will residual liquid crystal line pipe and nozzle clogging, SCR system is not operation of urea spray nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe for a long time, for a long time in high temperature environment, and its operation when it is through the cycle of urea solution for cooling, if can not get the cooling effect of the urea solution, urea nozzle has a brief case of damage. SCR system long-term job would not result in residues detergent solution crystallization blocked in the SCR system pipeline and spray nozzle, and because the long-term shortage of soaking liquid of the SCR system full of parts of decline and even damaged. 4, objective factors in the SCR system produces messy physical and chemical reaction, including the atomization of the urea solution, crushing, evaporation, the droplets to communicate with the energy and momentum of the exhaust, particles bump wall process, liquid membrane, Nox catalytic recovery and so on, and after injection of urea spray field and temperature field along with the change of working condition of engine working time changes occur, urea droplet in the decomposition of ammonia, also generate cyanate, biuret, cyanuric acid products such as center, a brief form urea crystal stone, such as sediment. Sediment will be accumulating, will constitute a nozzle blockage. Detergent production factory house, the previous: about laundry detergent! You have to know these common sense!
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