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What influence the quality of the liquid detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
Regulation of the pharmaceutical production management norms 'is not source with liquid detergent, the preparation of injection of water by multi-effect distillation, must pay attention to the choice of raw water, a lot of hospital pharmaceutical liquid detergent is got by ion exchange system, it can remove most of the ion of Yin and Yang, making machine and simple fuel and cooling water, but the ion transition in resin using cycle is short, usually 7 - 14 days to deal with, its operation trival, not suitable for a large number of the preparation of liquid detergents. Will be used in combination with electrodialysis and ion-exchange column, you can get satisfactory results. Made mechanism for liquid detergent, liquid detergent influence the quality of the liquid detergent mainly has the following several factors: 1, the raw water of electrodialysis is based on water quality in the electric field under the action of the choice of directional migration and ion exchange membrane permeability and the solution in the state of the ion in solution and solvent separation process of a kind of physical chemistry. Works mainly is to take charge of the ion in raw water, do not take charge of the impurities without purification effect, and the anion and cation exchange membrane are easily organic plant-based, bacterial contamination, water became easy water suspended solids and other mechanical impurities, affect the water quality, reduce work efficiency, before entering the electrodialysis of raw water must be treated with certain filterability and adsorption, remove the sediment, macromolecular organic matter and heavy metals, bacteria, pyrogen, etc. The tap water in turn after Shi Sha, activated carbon, precision filter, and reverse wash these pretreatment making machine on a regular basis. 2, the pros and cons of electrodialysis water quality of raw water hydraulic pressure and water pressure is stable and has a lot to do. Electrodialysis device is composed of multilayer compartment, only constant raw water pressure, can be beneficial to the stability of ion migration, otherwise, the feed water pressure big and small, will cause the voltage current corresponding instability, ion migration does not affect the water quality on the rails. Feed water pressure instability may also affect the service life of the ion exchange membrane. 3. Fresh water and concentrated water, a water flow relationship electrodialyzer, ion under the effect of electric field in raw water migration, when choose sulfonic acid cation exchange membrane, exclusive anion, allow only cationic through, and make it to the cathode. In operation, therefore, fresh water, strong water pressure should be the basic balance, water pressure can be slightly greater than the strong water pressure, in order to avoid the water quality concentration permeability decline, water flow is too small will lose its conduction effect and on the plate cooling effect, influence the water quality. 4. Predict ion exchange column resin processing cycles for Yin, cation exchange fat, its exchange capacity is certain. To ion exchange resin after using for a period of time nearly fails, the effluent water quality change is quickly, therefore, the water according to the team in the region of the raw water quality, production situation and the use of ion exchange column to determine the ion of Yin and Yang resin processing cycle, otherwise it will affect production, and cause loss of making machine. Reverse osmosis water treatment machine _ laundry detergent production making machine _ _ liquid detergent laundry detergent production machine making machine washing powder production factory house, in an article: what are the effect of activated carbon
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