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Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line with Turnkey Project

Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line with Turnkey Project

Brand: Meibao

Heating Method: Hot air furnace

Warranty: 1 Year

MOQ: 1 Ton/hour

FOB Port: Shanghai/Ningbo

Certification: ISO9001

Package: Export standard package

Service: Design, manufacture, installation, commission, training

Payment Term: T/T, L/C at sight, Performance Guarantee

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Product Information

Providing equipment and technical services to about 1700 companies around the world


Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line with Turnkey Project    


Daily chemical


Produce washing powder

Main MaterialsLABASA, soda ash, sodium silicate, Sodium sulphate


Mixer blender


>1 ton/hour


High efficiency;Environment-friendly  

According to customers' requirement, we provide the plan, design, installation and debugging of a complete production line for washing powder base powder production of 5000 ~ 25,000 tons/year.Process configuration from simple manual operation to computer centralized automatic control.

We provide design,manufacture, installation and commissioning of the complete set of detergent powder production line.

We also undertake detergent powder production technical consultation and old line transformation technical services.

Technology Characteristics

1. The exhaust gas is discharged to the standard and there is no sewage discharge.

2. Save energy and reduce consumption, and discharge to normal standards.

3. The fine powder collected from the dust removal process is returned to the tower, the water can be recycled, and the collected sediment slurry can be used for the ratio.

4. Establish a complete workshop dust removal system, clean the operating environment

5. The factory and workshop have reasonable logistics and reasonable configuration, which saves operating expenses.

6. The process design is advanced and the plan is reasonable.

Batching System: Powder materials and liquid materials mix in the batching tank to get the slurry



Spray Tower:  The slurry is sent to the top of spray tower to from the mist particles through spray nozzles, dried by hot air generated by hot air furnace. At the bottom of the tower, base powder is made.

Packing system.: There’s fully automatic packing machine and semi-automatic machine

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