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Washing powder making machine sensor function position is introduced

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Detergent powder making machine sensor function position: 1, the water temperature sensor are described Located in the outlet piping) engine Measuring coolant temperature, used for fuel injection quantity, torque, rail pressure correction and thermal protection. 2, the atmospheric pressure sensor: ( The atmospheric pressure sensor integrated within the ECU) Detection of atmospheric pressure, measuring elevation, is used to control the injection parameter correction. : (3, fuel temperature sensor Diesel oil strainer or pump) Measure the fuel temperature, used for fuel injection quantity correction torque and thermal protection. 4, camshaft position sensor: ( When installed on the pump cover gauge overhead CAM shaft installed on the valve chamber cover) Used to determine 1 cylinder top dead center signal. 5, crankshaft position sensor: ( The flywheel shell, beside the crank pulley, the engine cylinder block) Used to measure engine speed and crank Angle. 6, oil pressure sensor: ( In a main oil path) Used to measure oil pressure. : (7, inlet pressure and temperature sensor Behind the inlet pipe of the turbocharger) Measure the volume and intake temperature, modification for fuel injection quantity and thermal protection. 8, air flow meter: ( On the rear air filter, the air inlet pipe in front of the turbocharger) Measurement into the intake pipe dealing volume, used in the fuel injection quantity. 9, the accelerator pedal position sensor: ( On the accelerator pedal) Measure the pedal stroke, reflecting the driver intention, used for fuel injection quantity calculation. 10, knock sensor: ( Engine cylinder block) Detection engine burning state, que control spray. 11, common rail pressure sensor: ( Common rail pipe) Measuring the fuel pressure common rail tube to keep a stable temperature pressure control. 12, the moisture content sensor: ( Installed on the coarse filter) Detection of water in the fuel composition, and forecast the driver. Detergent production factory house, on a: excuse me, how to identify the detergent production machine to join scam?
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