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Washing powder detection project and its standard

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Washing powder detection project and its standard: washing powder, it is a kind of use in SCR technology, used to reduce nox in diesel exhaust pollution of the liquid. Its composition is 32. High purity of 5% urea, and 67. 5% of the liquid detergent. The concentration of the urea solution is one of the key factors in the SCR reduction system, current detection methods include chemical detergent solution titration, kjeldahl determination, index method, etc. Washing powder detection meanings: 1, the catalytic efficiency of urea content will directly image NOx and freezing point. In the SCR reduction system, of the urea content in urea solution is one of the key factors. Too high or too low content of urea is not only can improve the conversion efficiency of NOx, it will cause ammonia escape; Due to high NH3 / NOx than ammonia ammonia nonvolatile can form two secondary pollutants. At the same time the urea content in urea solution directly affect the catalytic efficiency of NOx and freezing point. 2, the temperature will affect the storage temperature and stability of urea urea content in - 5°C- 25 * C, too high or too low will affect the use of the urea solution. The urea solution easily when high temperature decomposition, 10% C or less shelf life is more than 36 months, 30 ° C or less than 12 months shelf life, 35 ° C shelf life about 6 months or less, in the summer, because the shelf life obviously shortened, should be test before each use. Urea aqueous solution of the initial crystallization point is - 11 ° C, too low temperature will make the urea solution crystallization, change of urea solution concentration. Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent use maintenance tips
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