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Super concentrated laundry detergent plants decomposition investment feasibility analysis report

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
A, product origin: this product technology research and development began in 1993 and 76 national patent inventor Wang Xianjun researcher to guide all the research and development, the core chelating agent has won national invention patents, in 2011 the patent number ZL01114490. 4, core washing technology has obtained national invention patent, in 2010 the patent number ZL200810143101. 9, the product making machine has won the national patent in 1997, the patent number ZL97207995. 5, this product has been in 2012 by the national Ministry of Science and Technology identified as washing product technology project, environmental protection free from contamination and enjoy the Ministry of Science and Technology innovation fund support free of charge. After 23 years of hard research and development, the product developed in March 2016, in April 2016, the product by the national light industry products quality inspection station inspection, certificate number: WHGK - WT20160409, in accordance with QB/T1224 - Because the national standard of 2012. In May 2015, the product was put into trial production test marketing, because of its unique product performance, is deep user favorite. Second, the product features: 1, without fluorescent whitening agent, avoid fluorescence influence permeability health; 2, no bleach, clothing series of color, discoloration; 3, no phosphorus, on the environment pollution-free, avoid phosphorus control the human body to absorb calcium. 4, silicone oil, won't produce penetration residue; 5, is weak acid products, not hurt the skin, no stimulation, especially suitable for infants and young children and women underwear cleaning; 6, no pigment, does not produce chromosome, clothing series of color, discoloration; 7, no chemical spices; Second, the product features and use: 1, has antibacterial, sterilization, in addition to mites effect, can effectively remove blood, trace, juice, milk iodine, mildew spot, dense collar mark, hotpot oil, waste oil, animal oil, vegetable oil, especially suitable for family use, hotel laundry, hospital, after washing water solution good biodegradability, was cleaning fluid emissions without environmental pollution; 2, this product can effectively remove the water bleach the effect of residual chlorine, residual chlorine can affect the health of human body sebum; 3, with soft cloth, anti-static, remove residual surfactant; 4, add more ion active factor with strong quickly remove grease; 5, add multi-effect chelating agent can effectively improve product stability and decontamination index; 6 8 times, product concentration, less dosage, a bottle of 8 bottle is a traditional laundry detergent effect; 7, product versatility, tableware detergent national standards, can be used as a tableware cleaning industry; More than three, the product main ingredients: ionic surfactant, ginger extract, no suffering from skin essence, compound enzyme, pure plant spices, special chelating agent; Four positioning, product quality and guarantee: 1, product packaging, bags, boxes, and USES the overseas popular quality, from packaging appearance to material, graphic, etc. , will be carefully construct, strictly follow the principle of quality first, price second, choose to have technical strength of the manufacturers; 2, raw material selection and procurement: the plant essence core choose high quality suppliers of raw materials; 3, production machine, technology, formula and technology, technical personnel shall follow the principle of is selected, stable zhiyuan; 4, product production, quality inspection, outbound, by a certain qualifications of skilled technical engineers to guide the implementation of all the way, make sure zero defect; 5, mount guard after market commissioner, be sure to have special knowledge of product first, strive for 100% washing solves consumer confusion; Five, market positioning and target market: 1, hotels, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, laundry room, beauty salon, bed sheets, tablecloths, towels, clothes, cleaning the blood, such as fruit juice, mildew spot, macular stubborn dirt; 2, family routine use, especially for infants and young children, women's security, health care washing;
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