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Super concentrated laundry detergent plant renovation is on CCTV

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Good making machine a good product! By the research and development of super concentrated laundry detergent plant retrofit, within a few seconds can be stubborn stains such as new after washing, seconds kill eyeball. Ecological net renovated laundry detergent to deodorize, fruit stains, milk stains, ink, iodine effect magic, a few seconds to wash the old like new. Experimenter from large supermarket bought hundreds of yuan within the domestic brands and fruit brand laundry detergent, laundry detergent with Japan and South Korea and our factory ecological net laundry detergent by comparing the decontamination ability of heavy dirty oil cloth, net ecological renovation laundry detergent nominees, like new after washing. Without phosphorus and without fluorescent whitening agent, without bleach '3 without' refurbished laundry detergent effect is as follows: at the same time, the renovation of laundry detergent packing design, investment promotion to join in the effective to carry out in succession, also prepare for on CCTV.
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