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Detergent PowderRaw Materials Conveying System /Washing Powder Production Line/Detergent Powder Equipment

Detergent PowderRaw Materials Conveying System /Washing Powder Production Line/Detergent Powder Equipment

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Introduction For Our Detergent Powder Raw Materials Conveying System:

Our detergent powder plant consists of 7 process sections: powder material transportation section,liquid material storage and transportation section,powder material anterior ration section,liquid material anterior ration section,slurry preparation section,base powder molding section,post blending and packing section.Our customers can choose some section and let us make quotation and design according to their reality.


The traditional method for lifting solid raw materials is using elevator, but in this method, there are such problems as large horizontal/vertical logistics, large number of workers and labor intensity, poor workshop operating environment, raw materials temporarily stored in the high floors which is under large civil load. If conveying pneumatically by dense phase, above problems can be avoided, meanwhile reduce the secondary conveying of raw materials, which improve automation of the equipment, workshop floor height can be effectively utilized.


Powder raw materials in Ton bags such as Soda Ash, Sodium Sulfate, Zeolite, STTP etc. are moved into factory, through electric hoist lift, move, tear open manually, and pour into the raw materials hopper. Through transmitting tanks, the raw materials will sent to each high bins by compressed air.


Transmitting tank sends the raw materials by batches. There are processes such as feeding, charging, conveying, exhausting, which are intermittent convey. In order to convey continuously, design 2 sets of conveying devices, alternately to finish conveying full-automatically. On feeding site, set on-off button, besides that, set objective bin choice button, and set the light to avoid feeding error. The system is controlled by PLC+touch screen, which can display the system operating conditions and operating status of each device.


Meibao Detergent Powder Plant 

Meibao Detergent Detergent Plant 


Min: 1 TPH


Max: 30TPH


High Sprayed Tower/ Agglomeration


Full Automatic /Semi Automatic

Transfer Type:



As Per Client's Requirement


As Per Client's Requirement:from 10g/bag to 500 Kg /bag


1.)Equipment are durable, low cost of operation, easy maintenance;very light bulk density reached

    200g/L-250g/L,high sprayed drying tower system.

2.)Powder raw materials fed into tank in certain ratio automatically according to computer control

3.)Distribute structure and multi-interface network ability easy to use.

4) Automatically controlled system which is suitable for large scale industrial control and visualization of the whole process of production

5.)Semi-automatic and full automatic production line from 1T/hour to 30 T/hour

6.)Workshop environment is provided  with perfect dedustion system,ensure the workshop environment as clean as top level of Unilever,Henkel ,P&G 


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