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Small washing powder making machine can't produce household small bags of grain washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Small washing powder making machine can't produce household small bags of washing powder particles as early as 10 years ago, as the market is relatively low consumption level, people's requirement for the quality of washing powder is relatively high, using small washing powder making machine to produce washing powder or have certain market, currently on the market sales of small particles of washing powder, washing powder making machine production is mainly the use of the giant tower spray making machine to produce good semi-finished products pellet detergent with soda ash, sodium sulphate, sulfonic acid, and so on several simple raw material evenly mixed to market, the disadvantage is that: 1, the production cost is high, the company production of semi-finished products detergent to buy back the cost is high, lead to simple mixing of the high cost of washing powder, even higher than the market sale price, basic unprofitable. 2, because the semi-finished products of washing powder particles has been forming, also adding soda ash, sodium sulphate powder of the material is just a simple physical mixture, the surface was relying on bulk carrier particles formed a uniform particles, when the product after long storage time, washing powder particles and powder of soda ash sodium sulphate can natural separation, namely powder or powder, washing powder finished because of be affected with damp be affected with damp is a powder, in addition to join sulfonic acid belongs to the liquid, when sulfonic acid joined, the production of washing powder seem dry, but as time extended, humid acid can saturate solid materials inside, cause the overall lump after getting wet. At the same time, the semi-finished products detergent to buy back the decontamination foam only 2 - active matter 5%, semi-finished products on active matter washing powder surface hardening difficult dissolved in water, although buy bulk detergent after adding active sulfonic acid, also is only on the surface of the agglomeration forming, semi-finished grains washing powder inside the lumps remain poorly soluble in water, does not dissolve detergent used when binding in the clothing surface, it is not popular with consumers. 3, the current sales of small washing powder making machine on the market are a diverse group, is a simple cost less than $2000 worth of mixer, scheming some small retailers, USES the steel plate cover mixer internal structure, the company production of washing powder as raw material to deceive buyers, when to buy back if only making machine, only dummy eat rhizoma coptidis, hard to eat. 4, double screw small laundry detergent washing powder making machine can produce industry. The rise of the industry such as laundry cleaning industry, industrial detergent such as powerful detergent, bleach powder, chlorine bleaching powder, neutralizing acid products such as the market becomes more and more big, and no requirement to product the appearance, need not to granulation fleeciness, as long as possible decontamination ability can be loved by the user, and generally large industrial washing powder, detergent factory does not produce particles and civil detergent because of large transportation difficulties, so the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise production industrial detergent market prospect, but simple mixer ( The double screw mixer) Still can't production of industrial washing powder, so, just choose double drum mixer after adopting reasonable technology formula, still can make big profits to become rich industry smoothly. Five particles, household laundry detergent production principle and conditions of the investment: the production particles need 15 - washing powder 36 meters high tower spray making machine, add water to form slurry, mix all ingredients by 380 - boiler After high temperature from 15 to 420 degrees 36 meters high spray drying to form products, making machine investment in more than 1. 5 million, but the production cost is low, the profit is great. Detergent production factory house, the previous: is the first article
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