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Auto after market consumption upgrade transformation

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
Diversification of consumer demand diversity, channel mode, industrial development multi-polarization in 2014, in the car market continues to grow for micro market under the big background, our country still implement the production and marketing of car in a major breakthrough in 24 million. Car ownership to 1. High 400 million, car ownership, as car after market brings more space to grow up. In 2013, the Chinese auto market after the total scale has reached 600 billion yuan, China's auto supplies sales in the market scale has reached 1. 68 trillion yuan. This year, for the auto market after the relevant policies and information, after the car market of many good at the same time, also bring unprecedented complex changes. Car life after age mature market opportunity, China's auto market after a spurt of growth, from predominantly cars car marketing era, entered the car replacement, modification, etc as the main characteristics of the era of automobile consumption. Earlier and some big cities and car consumption crowd, then take the lead to achieve the higher stage of life into the car era. Car maintenance, car culture, tourism, leisure, entertainment, sports cars, competitive in rapid development, and form a very large car market and the park one of the important function of the market. In 2014, the ministry of communications issued 'about seeking to promote transformation and upgrading of improving the quality of service' maintenance guidance, therefore require accessories, maintenance information, break the monopoly. At the same time, made clear that encourage the development of scale, enhance resource allocation efficiency. Encourage specialization maintenance, improve too development level, and encourage the development of the brand, enrich the connotation of the industry development, encourage the chain-like management, promote the upgrading of the market structure. The policy introduced, has aroused the car after market. Practitioners is generally believed that this will create more opportunities for auto aftermarket fair competition, also will lead to further increase consumer choice. Channel mode changes diversity into mainstream huge market development space must promote a major change in the automobile marketing mode, auto 4 s shop, auto, car parks, urban context, many car brands, car sales group, small supermarket, online market, city hall, 2 s shop auto industrial park, automotive chains, special maintenance center, auto parts and automotive supplies market, professional market, car to rent and so on channel mode of airplane, will enter into a diversified era of high competition. At the same time, the Internet technology has also opened up a new way for the auto industry, electricity, will be the inevitable trend for the future development of automobile industry, building efficiency and low cost network marketing channels become necessary. China market chain, experts say, will be transformed into shopkeeper + electricity + seaman, three oneness. + formed a logistics distribution center + supermarket + the new model of electronic commerce development. Development stage from the experience of chain to chain technology, and then to the expansion of the chain, international chain. Now, for example, in the western as the hub of the auto industry of chengdu, has the nation's first auto supplies large car park, and implement a comprehensive e-commerce. Founded by the e-commerce platform, unified with the Internet to achieve docking, realize the auto supplies electronic commerce. Technology innovation is the power industry development more multipolar with humanized and personalized development of auto demand, as well as the rapid development of science and technology innovation, consumer demand for auto after market is no longer only provide spare parts, and auto supplies is already beyond the scope of maintenance services, are moving to the auto accessories, become an indispensable part in the automobile industry chain. Car maintenance, car modification, decoration, beauty and various supplies more and more of auto culture, auto information technology and new materials as the main content of the auto supplies is also rapidly increasing, more and more product variety, technical level is higher and higher, this way of marketing is to department stores, automotive supplies supermarket chain development way, at the same time, a dragon inn, make the automotive supplies industry has become a huge potential for development of new high technology industry. Car washing detergent, car maintenance, car electronics, GPS navigation, security electronics, lighting, audio video and other aspects of the goods is developing rapidly, there were obvious quality, type and quantity of growth, it is also reflected people now more than for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. Car decoration, modified and service industry is developing more and more perfect, have sprung up one-stop service company and chain store.
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