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And inferior cosmetic making machine run entrants must be highly vigilant

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Entrepreneurship, can say is that most people pursuit, a few action and the top of the lucky ones an adventure. Daily chemical products business such as bet stone horse racing, needs to have eye, to find the right making machine manufacturers, only to find the right supplier of making machine entrepreneurial success since raised a large proportion. Daily chemical industry entrepreneurs to buy the fake making machine cases emerge in endlessly, the following case for those of you preparing to entrepreneurship should be highly vigilant. Seen and inferior cosmetic making machine, a pile of scrap iron wiped out in 2019, Mr. Ou see detergent laundry detergent production machine from the online advertising, online advertising strong allure, the burning desire to shenzhen one unit investment tens of thousands of yuan to buy back a detergent laundry detergent multifunctional production machine, thought appearance beautiful looks like making machine can produce good products with delicate do manual work, the results because the sight, invest wisely! Making machine defect analysis: a, stirring pot below-standard quality Mr. Ou buy the multi-use of cosmetic making machine, join in detergent or laundry detergent raw materials and water after, the inside of the stirring pot liquid to spill out; Making machine at the bottom of the so-called shear emulsifying machine power is 5. 5 kw, not only consumes large power, but also produced during leaking due to centrifugal force big, cage style of emulsification head is emulsified blind area at the same time, lead to products dissolved completely and affect the product quality, finally, in desperation, Mr. Ou will take into the image at the bottom of the emulsion motor is difficult to solve the big hole. Second, the internal rust Mr. Ou the making machine is the main reason of the internal rust: blender mixing material uneven, mixer making machine internal heat pipes conductive after direct contact with chemical raw materials easy to corrosion and rust, at the same time hair heat pipe affect detergent laundry detergent product appearance color; The corrosion resistance of stainless steel 304 lead to internal rusting; Three, making machine wall thickness thin this fake making machine, not the high-speed shear emulsifying machine, a pot of material mixing up to four hours after the still can't escape the detergent laundry detergent layered problems after long storage time. Finally, warm remind you: want to venture production cosmetic product must check the relevant qualifications and technical cooperation manufacturer. 1, daily chemical products, must choose to have the eia and production license legitimate producers, buyers by WeChat request each other before the eia and the production license certificate photos. 2, choose set up 10 years of a strong brand factory cooperation; Have good reputation in the industry and market, perfect service system, let us walk in the forefront of the industry, making machine independent research and development, with hundreds of national patent invention, to company sustained development and customer service, we are always with full enthusiasm and sincere cooperative attitude, win-win business philosophy, welcome all friends come to visit and cooperation.
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