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About laundry detergent! You have to know these common sense!

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
If you have a lot to ask questions about the laundry detergent recently. Laundry detergent is what? Can water instead? How to choose laundry detergent model? Different colors of laundry detergent can mix with? In winter, the north and the temperature difference is big, in the winter because you want to change? Laundry detergent, liquid cooling, said is one thing, through the cycle for engine cooling. Because only the 'frozen'? Laundry detergent is the full name of 'antifreeze coolant', simple literally, his main role is to 'freeze' and 'cooling'. A bottle of good prevent boiling coolant is not summer, winter antifreeze, but also should be harmless to all its metal, rubber and plastic, with anti-corrosion effect; At the same time do not contain strong acid and strong alkali; Effectively guarantee the cooling system operation, to improve the effect of the cooling system. How often do laundry detergent change the best? Different models to replace because time is different, the owner should be replaced in time according to the maintenance manual. Liquid surface check general owners can be completed, the vehicles after flameout, before open the machine cover, you will see the laundry detergent tank, liquid level height between MAX and MIN. If it is found that liquid level is too low, you can begin supplementary laundry detergent. Supplement of laundry detergent, must under cold condition or wait for a while after stall ( Avoid hot water jet burns) , find the laundry detergent tank, the same model, color with a laundry detergent, laundry detergent and between MAX and MIN. Freezing point check need to inspect with the help of a professional production machine, unable to check myself, best to regular repair shop. In general, most brand vehicles are basically 3 ~ 5 years as a whole in a laundry detergent. Laundry detergent can use tap water to replace? Laundry detergent is different from the water. The freezing point of water is zero, the boiling point of 100 degrees, the car engine to normal operating temperature between 90 ~ 110 ℃, if all the injected water, when the temperature reaches 100 ℃ will 'bring'. Vehicles for the night in winter, when the environment temperature is below freezing, the water will be frozen, damage the cooling system. So the laundry detergent must have boiling, the characteristics of antifreezing in winter in summer. So regardless of summer in winter, all want to use the laundry detergent, instead of water. Detergent production factory house, in an article: 'water' impact on the production of laundry detergent
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