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Will teach you how to made from animal fat soap

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Oil is insoluble in water, hydrophobic material derived from animals and plants, the main ingredients are three glyceride fatty acids. Habits: generally called room temperature of liquid oil and solid or semisolid called fat, both collectively referred to as oil and grease. Oil is the main raw material of soap, soap, performance and quality to a great extent, is determined by the grease used, so the choice of grease is the key to making soap. One, the main animal fats commonly used soap soap is mainly animal fats: butter, lard. The butter is the main by-product processing fatty acid industry, the main raw material is soap soap. Lard linoleic acid content is higher, therefore used as a soap prone to corruption. After the soap is half hardening when not edible lard oil instead of butter. Second, animal oil refining animal fat before stewing oil need to pay attention to control the lipase and bacteria, such ability can or high quality animal fats. Improve the quality of the oil can be through washing, bleaching, alkali refining, smelly, hydrogenation process is complete. 1) Washing water can effectively remove the pigments in the oil and impurities. The temperature of the water in the best 100℃) 。 In order to enhance the hydration effect, can join a writing when washing a mild surfactant, such as sodium phosphate, dosage of oil 0. Join a solution of 1% with 10%. 2) Decolorization of animals used in making soap grease, usually need to remove pigment, the most common is the use of acid activated clay adsorption, remove pigment. Oil decolorization, the temperature is 105 - 115 ℃, and need to add 0. 5% - 1% of the water, the more advantageous for decoloring. 3) Only in the special requirement (alkali refining Soap soap) chief Only for alkali refining. Oil alkali refining, using the appropriate concentration of sodium hydroxide solution. Suet through and after alkali refining, decolorization, oil color can reach up to 0. 5 - 1. 0. 4) Deodorant for making soap grease for deodorization is not very common. Usually adopt the method of spiced, to cover the smell of the soap base. 5) Hydrogenated oils and fats hydrogenation, increases the stability of grease, after ChengZao, improves soap bubble, solubility, etc. Especially the unsaturated fatty acid polymer hydrogenation, can prevent the soap metamorphism. The FZ - 2000 oil saponification, soap, complete sets of production machine, can be obtained from animal fats, through oil saponification, production soap, soap base after drying, add ingredients, layering, cutting, printing, packaging, finally to make soap.
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